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Hi everybody!

I read a book from a member of the order called Society of Saint Joseph (though i cannot find the order online…) about leading a charismatic prayer meeting. He gave many suggestions, like having a greeter at the door (porter/portress??:D) to welcome arriving people, to have happy songs as people come. I still don’t have the money to buy the book, so I’m asking you for more suggestions, will you? Please? I’ll appreciate any suggestions. I will also appreciate suggestions about handling noisy people, etc…

Thank you very much!

Thomas Eugene


I went to a charismatic college and the masses on Sunday have lasted 3 hours. This was all new to me, so on A Sunday morning, I would go to mass in town. I just could not handle it. Than I couldn’t handle students praying over me if I was sickl etc, Don’t get me wrong, the were the nicest group of college people I ever met.



It’s really nice to have people sitting in a circle.

In between songs, people might have a Word. This would be the time to share these Messages.

As for “laying on of hands”, definitely stress that actual touch does not have to occur. Stress that people should ask permission before laying on of hands.


I will also appreciate suggestions about handling noisy people, etc…

In my experience most people attracted to charismatic meetings will be noisy.


There’s also different kinds of noise. There will probably be some audible “praying in tongues”. Every Charismatic circle I’ve attended permitted such praise. In fact, noise is almost encouraged, whether it’s hand clapping, singing, or praying in tongues. The occassions are certainly joyous for charismatic folks. Not sure what you can do to tame it.


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