Charismatic Renewal and me


Hello all! I’ve been researching the CCR movement and I’m interested in it. Does anyone here know what the basics of it are and/or have any good online resources that discuss the basics?

Also: I hear that it may have a negative image, even though it has papal approval; with other Catholics. I’m also discerning whether to approach my parish priest about starting up a Charismatic group.

Would anyone like to chime in?


Go for it, you might enjoy it :slight_smile:


I just might; thanks!


These videos may help @Michael16 .


So, all this charismatic stuff came after Vatican II?




Check these two sites for basic information. Ideally, you would partner with an established prayer group, and they would basically mentor your group. Being human, and fallible, people can introduce rogue elements because they feel good or make a person feel important. You want your group to be orthodox. You want your group to be healthy. You want your group to be Spirit-led and people in the group can get in the way of that. This is true of any religious movement or even religious orders.


Okay; I understand that. So, a good idea would be to get a hold of an established Charismatic group and go from there. Gotcha. I was already thinking of trying to find a Charismatic group at my old parish and observe what they do to get a good idea.

What do you think about getting some basic materials from a Charismatic priest and going from there?


What “basic materials” do you have in mind? It isn’t the kind of thing you learn from books. Watch the videos that @Rob2 posted. Next step, just make contact and see how it goes.


Okay. I’m also thinking of meeting with the priest and having a talk about it.


All this Charismatic “stuff” came after the Church received the Holy Spirit loooong before Vatican 2 . See Acts Chapter 2.


Check to see if your local Diocese has a Charismatic renewal center. Mine Does.


I know well Pentecost, thank you very much.
What I’m saying is that this movement came after Vatican II, alongside many other things.


I thank the Holy Spirit for you @Michael16 .

I thank the Holy Soirit that you have opened this thread .

In recent days we have been hurting .

In recent days we have been dejected .

In recent days we have been discouraged and have been feeling lost .

I praise the Holy Spirit for your directing our attention to the Holy Spirit , the source of healing for our hurting , the source of hope for our dejection , the source of courage for our discouragement , the source of guidance for us when we feel lost .

The Church is in need of renewal . We are in need of renewal .

That renewal will not come from our own resources . " ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty…" (Zech 4:6) . The renewal will come from God , from the Holy Spirit , our helper in our helplessness .

For some this will be embracing the spirituality as found in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal .

For others it may mean taking power from other spiritual treasures within the Church .

But choosing the Holy Spirit is the main thing .

I choose the spirituality I find in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal . It has proved its worth for me over the years, most especially when my position regarding the Church became very wobbly in the early 1970s .

Whatever we choose , the prime choice must be choosing the Holy Spirit to be Helper , Comforter , Guide , God .
Come Holy Spirit and renew the Church , renew us , renew the face of the earth !!!

Today is the feast of St Augustine of Hippo . Perhaps we can make his prayer to the Holy Spirit our own - - - - -

Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit,
That my thoughts may all be holy.
Act in me, O Holy Spirit,
That my work, too, may be holy.
Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit,
That I love but what is holy.
Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit,
To defend all that is holy.
Guard me, then, O Holy Spirit,
That I always may be holy.


Thank you, Rob2. Could you tell me a little about CCR; so I have a better idea? The above links helped; but didn’t give me enough information.


I am saying it did not.


Google “azusa street revival”. This happened first, then it moved into Catholic circles.


What information are you looking for? What about CCR interests you?


there is a CCR at my Diocese, Its a prayerful group that meets weekly , praises God and engages in community fellowship.

Yes some speak in tongues.


the movement happened in the early 60s, at the same time as the Vatican was meeting in its second council. In fact, one of the originals is on CAF

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