Charisms of The Holy Spirit

I started a thread earlier about Catholics with the Charismatic spirituality. It started a great discussion that piqued my interest, but I wanted to start another thread to deal exclusively with the gifts of The Holy Spirit, more specifically, the charisms such as speaking in tongues etc…

Let me quickly say that I fully realize and agree that we shouldn’t place all our focus on miracles, and our emphasis should always be in the sacraments, but it is an edifying and fascinating topic. So here goes:

Is it common for The Holy Spirit to pour out these types of gifts? I’ve heard from those that have had the experience of speaking in tongues. I’ve also been to Catholic healing services where people fell down after being blessed. Although it wasn’t a dramatic scene, and was respectful and subtle, I previously had no exposure to any of this and frankly was a little bit freaked out seeing it.

I just want to quickly add that I don’t want my thread to be hijacked with a debate on Charismatic spirituality in the Catholic faith. Let’s save that for another thread. I simply want to learn and have mine and others who are interested questions answered. Thanks for understanding and God Bless:)

I would like to share a few insights regarding one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit namely “speaking in tongues” as in your concern interest question.
Before I share my reflection of this particular gifts of the Holy Spirit, I just want to question the healing service you attended that you did not say anything at all of its kind; is it a healing service conducted by an individual or by a prayer group; was it in the Church or a home; who are the people involved. Because your profile reads you are a Catholic, I assume it is a Catholic healing service but still not clear.
I would say;

  1. Speaking in tongues is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  2. We cannot say much about how it came to be.
  3. What we can say is that the Holy Spirit gives this gift to anyone he wishes for a good purpose.
  4.  Therefore it is the work of the Holy Spirit

Therefore the word “common” as you used in your question, is inappropriate in describing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So the answer to your question is – IT IS NOT COMMON. Why? Because the word common – as it reads within the context of the question – could mean that anyone can get this gift anyhow. I hope this does not hijack your concern interest but rather skyjack you to the correct speaking and understanding about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. God bless you too in your discernment of the gift

I’ve become interested in it too–there’s no such group of charismatic Christians in the small town where I live–and also, for me, I think I’d probably want a group of Catholics who were into such things if I decided to really look into it–which as of yet, I can’t say that I have decided to–nor have I decided not to. I guess I’m kind of on the fence–maybe someday I MIGHT look into it further–maybe not. I’ve heard it doesn’t make a big difference if you get into a Catholic group or not–that it’s kind of an ecumenical thing–but I would probably still opt for a Catholic group were it me. From what I understand, the Catholic church takes no official position on whether it legitimately occurs now days–or even what exactly constitutes speaking in tongues or how to determine if someone truly has been given the gift. One Catholic online site, written by a priest, even goes so far as to say that what was talked about in the NT after Pentecost was speaking in different languages as the people there at the time were from all kinds of different places with many different languages and all seemed to hear what the apostles were saying, but in their own language and understood perfectly what was being said–as opposed to the gibberish kind of “tongue-talk” that seems to be the current fad or what folks claim they have and do today. I don’t know–not sure many folks do either.

I did find one sort of book or treatise on line by a Catholic priest who swears it happened to him which I’ve so far only read part of–and again, he was involved in some kind of protestant ecumenical movement. I think it COULD really happen–at least sometimes. I also suspect that there are lots of frauds out there. It has never happened to me–even at times when I’ve been praying specifically to the Holy Spirit–which again doesn’t prove anything one way or the other. Maybe that just isn’t my charism–if I ever actually figure out what my charism is and if I infact have one! LOL!

The thing is that it’s kind of important to remember that the whole speaking in tongues thing is only ONE of the gifts of the Holy Spirit described. It’s always seemed to me just a little bit odd that every TV preacher and his dog seems to have the gift of speaking in tongues, but nobody seems to have the gift of interpreting tongues, discerning, prophecy etc–and that speaking in tongues would be the easiest to fake–if someone wanted to! So let’s say that I have a healthy skepticism. If it ever happened in my presence to myself or to someone I completely trusted it–I’d believe. Until then–maybe not so much!

I do believe in miracles though–did you read about the host in Argentina that turned into actual myocardial (heart ) tissue in 1996, for instance? Pope Francis was involved in that—and what really piqued my interest is that it was blood typed and DNA checked and it’s AB±-which is the same exact type as on the Shroud of Turin and the other host that was transformed the same way in Europe in the 1600’s! And they apparently all matched in DNA too! Now that I cannot logically explain!

Anyway, I’ll keep checking this thread–maybe you’ll get some great tales! And I hope I’m not going in any direction that you didn’t want your thread to go–if so, I apologize. I just saw the subject, it caught my interest and so I decided to post so I’d be reminded and see the follow up :thumbsup:

I wonder why you want to know about these spiritual gifts. I have toughens and propcehcy so if you have any questions relating to those specially I will do my best to answer. :slight_smile:

Well now that I think about it there is one story that I can tell about toughens. It is nothing big but is was important to me and my spiritual life with Jesus. One day when I was in glacier national park with the Boy Scouts I was talking to a scout that was younger by about a year about spiritual gifts. He asked me if I would speak on toughen so that he could hear it. I at first didn’t want to because I was nervous but I ended up doing it because I know that the gift of toughens is meant to be used in public. So I ended up speaking in toughens and he picked out one word that I said which was esombra. I don’t know why but I eventually found out that this word means life or to live. The message God was trying to give him was simply don’t worry about life because I am with you.

So, does the word “toughens” refer to speaking in tongues? I’m unfamiliar with the correct lingo I guess…

If you or someone you know has the gift of prophecy–I’d very much like to hear more! Such as when–how often–what areas does this gift seem to apply to–whatever you feel comfortable in sharing here–I’ve never known anyone with this gift personally!!

Ah sorry I meant tongues. I

Ok well I will tell you some stuff of you want to know more i will send it to you In a private message. The gift of prophecy only works when the Holy Spirit wants it to. Unlike tongues I have no control over it. The gift of prophecy basically is The Lord speaking through you. It can be something simply like saying Praise God because if the good he has done or something like The Lord says that you will be healed of your cancer. Though there are other cases where the prophecy is doom and destruction. Actually one cases is when a friend of mine is planning being a Navy Seal but thinks he can’t have a family. I heard God say that he can because he will not die as a Navy Seal but as a proud grand father

I did get your message and replied–thank you for taking the time. I think it must be an interesting gift–though I imagine it could also be a burden sometimes–especially if what you felt was revealed was not happy news, huh?

You mentioned that you aren’t able to control praying in tongues. Does this happen often? For instance, if you were to lead a rosary in a group…

In answer to your earlier question: I have felt called to deepen my spirituality through the sacraments and the Holy Spirit (He seems to be the “forgotten” Person of Blessed Trinity) I’m not necessarily interested in attaining the gift of tongues, but I heard that the gift of tongues is like an “entry” gift, for lack of a better term. I don’t know how true this is. It’s just what I’ve heard. To be honest, it might frighten me a little if I start speaking in a strange language, especially if I won’t be able to control it. However, I’ve heard others say that although it was definitely startling, it also filled them with great Joy.

May I also ask how you came to attain this gift? If you don’t feel comfortable replying in a public forum, feel free to private message me.

Sorry that I left that info out.
The healing service was conducted by a Catholic priest inside of a church.
This particular priest isn’t a part of the Charismatic Movement, and is actually very Traditional, but has the gift of healing.

It can be a burden at times. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have it.

Sorry I meant to say I can control tongues to an a point prophecy I can’t control. Tongues is the must common of gifts and the lowest yet it brings many people to Christ

I’d like to hear the answers to these questions too if you don’t mind!

Well it he short version is an angel baptized me in the Holy Spirit and I gain the ability to use all of the gifts. However I can only use prophecy and tongues at the moment. I didn’t use tongue until I heard a speaker and gain the courage. I suppose you two should study what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is because though I could explain it if you want me to.


I am sorry but with all Christian Charity your post is prompting me to urge the original poster and others here to proceed with EXTREME CAUTION.

With all due respect to you Loving Disciple, you are a total stranger in the internet claiming to have the gift of prophecy, claiming you know the future and speak the words of God directly and are offering to send people private messages which can be a very dangerous thing not knowing who you are or if you are working with a priest or spiritual director. I have no reason to doubt you, and as I said, please believe I am speaking with all Christian Charity.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are wonderful and deep and endless! To the original poster I wish you blessings and joy in your journey for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. Please seek counsel through your closest Charasmatic Renewal office even though you are not in an urban area you can find resources through the internet and books that have been approved by the church. God bless you.

Hi. Just a few comments on your post.

Yes, the Holy Spirit does bestow charismatic gifts or charisms of the Holy Spirit as you said. They are mentioned in the Bible. 1 Cor 12, for example.

Are they common? They are not common in the Catholic Church and more of an exception. Why it is so, we don’t really know and perhaps that is for another discussion. The apostles were given these gifts at the Pentecost and they exercised them freely; the Church was pretty much built as the apostles were empowered by the Holy Spirit and the word spoken was accompanied with signs and wonders, not much different from what Jesus did when he was alive.

Today the charisms that the apostles received at the Pentecost seemed to disappear altogether, again with few exceptions, notably among some saints. Though we have apostolic succession we do not seem to inherit the gifts freely.

A gift is a gift; it is given only when it is received. Perhaps one reason why it is not that common is that we do not expect this gift anymore. The charismatic gifts primary purpose is to upbuild the Church. Probably once the Church is established much of the purpose is achieved already and so we forget about them. And as the gifts are less and less happening, eventually they become controversial.

In reality we know that we still need the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit. We need healing and restoration in body, mind and spirit; we need personal guidance with knowledge and wisdom; and we need encouragement. Even though we can get all these within the Church and her people – clergies, religious and leaders, the extraordinary action of the Holy Spirit is still needed; after all it is a gift the God wants to give us. “…how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit .” (Lk 11:13)

Perhaps the gifts will be more commonly given in an atmosphere where it is conducive for the Holy Spirit to manifest, He being a gentle Spirit whose hands’ cannot be forced but we have to be docile to Him.

God bless.

A truly great reply I think! I too have always wondered why these charisms seemed to disappear after the early years of the church… Yours is as good a theory as I’ve ever heard.

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