Charisms... Or Gifts of the Spirit


**I was raised Pentecostal and know that there is a Charismatic movement among the Catholic Church…
What is the Catholic Church’s point of view on speaking in tongues (in the protestant manner)?


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search in the spirituality forum under charismatic renewal or tongues and you will find dozens of threads on the topic. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is an authentic, orthodox spiritual movement within the Church. Life in the Spirit Seminars and their follow up prayer groups and conferences introduce Catholics to understanding of the charismatic gifts, including tongues, the least of these gifts. Without knowing how you defing “the protestant manner” since many evangelicals and other protestants disdain tongues and other pentecostal activity, I can’t comment. Yes some Catholic charismatics have the gift of prayer and praise in tongues and this is done in some parishes or prayer meetings, and others have the gift of speaking in tongues while someone else interprets such as during discernment, healing services etc.


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