Charitable actions at a Concert - What would you have done?

I figured it would best fit the popular media category as music is often discussed here. Please forgive me if it fits in a different area better.

About a month ago, I flew overseas to see my favorite artist in concert for 2 shows as he rarely makes appearances where I live. The 1st show I attended went off without issues. A few days lapsed between the 1st and 2nd show where I injured my feet, they were in some pain with several large blisters on the bottom of one foot and swelling in both making walking difficult but not overly impossible at times. I had gotten some things from the local pharmacist to alleviate symptoms as much as I could at the time.

The show was in a venue that was 95% standing only with very few seats in the back with highly obstructed views when people are standing. I am short (around 5ft tall). I arrived at the venue when the pain in my feet decided to flare up and the strong over the counter pain killers were taking what seemed to be an eternity to work. My expensive ticket allowed me to attend the soundcheck of the artist plus go to a special reception where other ticket holders like myself were able to have some appetizers and a few drinks plus get some free artist related gifts. The other perk was getting to pick where we wanted to be ahead of those who did not purchase the special ticket type that was limited in numbers available.

Several of my friends assisted me to the back of the reception place, had me loosen my shoes (as they were a type that tied up), elevate my feet and ensure I was able to have some food + drink brought over while I rested. The pain in my feet went away on a temporary basis more because I was not on my feet compared to the pain killers that took a few hours to have effect and allow me to stand for the 1.5 hours of the show.

A few in my close circle of friends approached an assistant of the artist to ask if I could go ahead of the queue due to my issues walking so I could be able to lean against a rail to allow me to take the weight off my feet periodically accompanied by 1 person to help me. She said she would probably allow it but was afraid that others would not be happy even though it was obvious I was hurt and needed help. I am the type of person who does not ask for special privileges especially at a concert where it is standing only. I ended not being able to be against a rail and had to lean up against several friends in the course of the evening as no one wanted to give up their spot leaning at all. The pain did return to my feet, and between the opening act and main artist, several friends cleared out space + helped me to be seated then lifted me back to my seat which was awkward but needed.

What should have been the most charitable action(s) with the above scene in your perspective? Also if you were the assistant, and could tell someone could have benefited from the ability to lean against the barrier, would you have done so even if it meant others hassled you later about it especially if you know the fan in question seldom if ever asks for anything special?

Well, for starters, the attendant couldn’t know that you rarely ask for anything, so I don’t see what that has to do with it.

As to the actual questions, I think you made the right choice by not really seeking out special privileged based on your problem. Remember, Jesus suffered quietly and in private, and we are called not to make ourselves a burden on those around us. It is good that you had friends there who were willing to help you out, you should feel blessed for that ^^

As for the other question, if I were the attendant and if it was truly obvious that you had a real problem, then I probably would have let you go in, despite jibes and angry comments. It seems to me that this would have been the most moral action I could have taken in that situation.

If someone like yourself is in obvious need, it seems like the most charitable thing would be to help out in any way they can. But I can understand the attendant being very busy and offering a polite “I’ll see what I can do” without following up on it. I can also see the attendant being skeptical. Maybe he has had many people over the years come up with sob stories that necessitate being moved to the front of the line.

Now I’m curious as to who the artist was that inspired you to go overseas just to see them. :slight_smile:

We were at Disney a while back and wanted to see the night time parade. So, we picked at a designated and marked-off watching area and waited for an hour and a half in the heat. At almost the time the parade was supposed to start, a woman pushing someone in a wheelchair rolled up. They basically wanted to evict us from our spot, then wanted to be able to stop in the designated walkway, etc. Finally, an attendant from the park told them they would have to move out of the way, which made them get all huffy.

The next day, we saw both women at Seaworld, walking normally, with no wheelchair in sight. :rolleyes:

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