Charitable orgs providing both corporal AND spiritual works of mercy?

I would like to help fulfill our Lord’s command to help the needy by giving to an organization that practices the corporal works of mercy (feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, etc.). I also would like that organization to offer spiritual works of mercy (instruct the ignorant, admonish sinners, etc) to those they serve, helping not only their bodies but their souls.

Many of the Catholic charitable organizations I have looked into appear to be overly focused on material relief and somewhat indifferent to spiritual needs, at least in their promotional materials.

Does anyone know of a solid Catholic apostolate to the poor that is orthodox in doctrine and also practices spiritual ministry? Thank you!

It seems like most charitable organizations tend to emphasize either corporal or spiritual works of mercy, not both. But here are three Catholic charities that minister to the poor, remembering needs both of body and soul:

Contributions to PNCEA Prison Ministries ( allow you to assist in visiting the imprisoned as well as admonishing the sinner, instructing the ignorant and counseling the doubtful.

Contributions to The Women’s Center ( allow you to assist in sheltering the homeless as well as counseling the doubtful and comforting the sorrowful.

Contributions to Edmundite Missions ( allow you to assist in feeding the poor, clothing the naked and sheltering the homeless, as well as instructing the ignorant and praying for the living and the dead.

My only connection with these organizations is through the mailings I have received from them, so I can’t really vouch for their orthodoxy, but I do not remember seeing anything heterodox in what they have sent out. Of the three, PNCEA gives the clearest indication in its newsletter of the sort of counselling it offers: solidly grounded in a faith in Christ, loyal to the Church, and reasonable and practical in the advice it offers to prisoners trying to reform their lives.

I’ve always had trouble finding organizations of the type you describe.

I do recommend however, the F.S.S.P., and the Cardinal Kung Foundation, generally as good charities to contribute to I believe.

Check out Lamp Ministries out of NYC. Thier website is They work with the poor in NYC and other places. They meet the criteria you are looking for. Thier website will tell you more than I can

I like CFCA. Christian Foundation for Children & Aging. It’s a great organization with a great apostolate.

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