are there certain charities that we are instructed to avoid. besides unicef? that’s the only one i know of

and also, are we required to look in to every single one to make sure they don’t support abortion or homosexuality or things like that? i heard a rumor about the canadian version of girl scouts support pro-abortion groups but can’t find any actualy information about it.

angell1 asks : "are we required to look in to every single [Charity we want to Donate to] to make sure they don’t support Abortion or Homosexuality or things like that?"

Of course not.

There is NO Church Regulation to make that Distinction.

I had never even heard of UNICEF being a bad thing.

my grade 7 catechism teacher told us about the church withdrawing support from them back in 2004 when it happened. she told us it would be best to stop suport for them as well.

angell1 said : "my grade 7 Catechism teacher told us about the Church withdrawing support from them back in 2004 when it happened. she told us it would be best to stop support for them as well."

Yeah … well that was NOT a Priest … nor was it a spokesman for the Church.
It was simply some Volunteer worker.
Trust the Source.
But, only trust it as far as it makes sense to.

When I taught Catechism, I usually gave my Opinion on matters (but then told my students that it JUST MY Opinion).
Your teacher did not explain that to you.

And, realistically, just because the Catholic Church as a Supporter of a Cause, decided to no longer support that particular Charity, is NOT the same as the Catholic Church condemning them.

A number of good sounding charities pay their donation solicitors and administrators very well and little of your donation actually goes to doing charitable work.

So it is prudent to do some research to see which charities manage their donations well. There are a number of charity rating sites.

It seems quite acceptable to donate to a qualified charity that cares for the sick, including those suffering from AIDS ,but quite another that promotes same sex marriage.

Always good to donate to local charities, the Diocesan charity, and a reputable national and international charity.

Try checking out potential charities under

So why would somebody say it is wrong to give to Unicef, I woudl appreciate if somebody explained that?

Yes, Catholics certainly do have a responsibility to avoid supporting organizations (I would not call them “charities”) which promote the abortion of innocent children. UNICEF does support abortion.

A quick Google search days that back in 2004/5, UNICEF promotes abortion.

sad thing :frowning:

being for the childrne would mean to be for them at all ages, wouldn’t it,

Hm, but then the second article says they deny that they have promoted abortion…

You know, hardly any charity doesn’t have an agenda, or backers with agendas.

You can be prudential without going through things with a fine tooth comb.

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