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For a few months now I have been tossing around the idea of regularly contributing to a non-profit organization. Even though DH and I don’t really have any money, I still feel the desire to share what I do have.

What are your favourite Catholic / general Christian NFP’s?



Since you mention NFPs – how about the Couple to Couple League International? :stuck_out_tongue:


I support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital…in part because I had health problems myself growing up…and in part because I love children. :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: Good idea! LoL I didn’t catch that until after I hit send


I was a volunteer for a while at Birthright and my husband and I are planning to donate to this organization :).


Samaratin’s purse is a good one.:thumbsup:


Well, I’m sure since you are on the Catholic Answers forum the administrators will mention…Catholic Answers!

But I’m partial to Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities, and Catholic-run pro-life services.

But no matter who you decide, if you donate to one, within a year or two you will be on so many mailing lists it’s not funny. I started to track the “I need money” letters and I average around 160 a year.


Jessie, it is not always money that a charity needs, although they can always use it. A gift of your time on an ongoing basis will be very much appreciated by many of the charities, and Catholic charities always need that help. If money is short at this time, I highly recommend volunteer work.


You’re not kidding - I’m already getting 4-5 requests a week for financial donations from Catholic and other Christian organizations. I’ve only ever donated to Catholic Answers in the past. I wonder if they sell/give contact information out.

Hmm…Wouldn’t bother me if they did, just curious :slight_smile:


I hate to say it, but my time is often just as tight as my finances :frowning: - But, you have a very good point! I need to sit down and re-prioritize my life…


The Catholic Church Extension Society aids Catholic communities in areas of the U.S. that are still mission territory:


Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (Catholic organization where you sponsor a child or an aging person), Catholic Charities is always a good one, Catholic Relief Services, St. Vincent de Paul, Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem (excellent work they’re doing for the poor pregnant women and their babies in Palestine), Priests for Life, Catholic Answers, any Catholic Radio station.


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