Charity vs. Political Correctness

I’m starting to notice that often, when we say to “be charitable”, we mean “don’t be offensive”. For me, that is becoming an increasingly tall order. The fact that so many people in this country and of my generation (millenials) are thin-skinned and take offense to pretty much anything they arbitrarily decide just makes me want to be more of a smart-Alec. There have been times when I thought I was standing in solidarity with the meek who will inherit the earth, when in reality I was just pandering to the SJW’s who want no personal responsibility for anything.

Some examples:

  1. I recently tested the waters of libertarianism. While they have some good points, they also tend to be fond of relativism, and whine about the police and military. If you want my honest opinion, I don’t care that police are becoming more militarized in America, and, I dare say it: most victims of police brutality bring it on themselves (I’d you watch the show Cops, they arrest just as many trailer-trash white people as they do blacks. I think it’s funny when dumb criminals get the fraternal correction they deserve).

  2. I’ve criticized traditional Catholicism on here before, claiming it was too brutal and controlling. But when I think about it, there have been far worse civilizations. Consider the Aztecs, brutal imperialists who subjugated tribes for human sacrifice, or footbinding in China, or genital mutilation and child brides in the Middle East. Multiculturalism is a ploy to discredit the Christian West just because it’s “not fair”.

Today at work, I mused that an overthrow of the government in place of a Catholic constitutional monarchy sounded like a good idea. Then I started laughing at the idea of beating up heretics and “stupid people”. Since I’m a faithful Catholic and college educated, I figured, “sounds good, no skin off my nose”.

The point is, I’m sick of having to apologize for Catholic Europe, when Catholic Europe was morally and intellectually superior to our society, as well as others.

  1. Considering the rapes committed by Muslim migrants in Europe recently, I have fewer qualms about mocking Islam (I have statements in mind that would get me banned). Since we know that Islam is not true, I feel like I should have free reign to poke fun at it and it’s practices.

I should mention that I don’t know if I really believe these things, or if my mind is just using black comedy as an antidote to all the ridiculousness of the world. Either way, is this something I should talk to a priest about?

Also, truth be told, I’m smirking as I’m writing this. I know Jesus had few qualms about calling BS on his society; in many ways, I feel like I’m doing the same thing. As Fulton Sheen put it, “Jesus did not come to make us nice. He came to make us new”.

The virtue of charity, and its children temperance, prudence, fortitude, and justice along with its grandchildren purity, modesty, friendship, and piety are nowhere to be found in your smirking and mocking.

You think you are being clever, but you are really being rude and ugly to people and about people.

That is neither the way to win friends nor the way to Heaven.

I think you should talk to your confessor about these odd thoughts you have, and the way in which you are contemptuous of others.


I should clarify: I almost never do any of this out loud. Most of this is in my mind.

I should clarify: that doesn’t matter.

God sees and knows all.

Very true. Thank you for the replies. I let frustration get in the way of both grace and reason.

I think I need to go on an Internet fast even before Lent starts. There are stupid and malicious people in this world, but that doesn’t mean I have to become one.

That’s true.

Are you familiar with The Screwtape Letters? The devil will use what he can. If you’re committed to being part of the Church, he will try to pervert that rather than lure you away, as he might do if you were lukewarm.

I just wanted to share that you aren’t alone in this. Sometimes I feel very hypocritical because I’m not nearly as kind in my head as what one hears coming out of my mouth. Apparently, I have a low tolerance for ignorance, gossip, pot stirring, and deceitfulness, as well as drug use in pregnancy.

I take my lack of charity to confession regularly, and volunteer with those that I need to learn to see Jesus in. It’s helping–I would encourage you to do the same.

Yes, I’ve read it several times. This pitfall is one I often think will never happen to me. Then it does.

Political Correctness is a term bandied about and misused. True Political correctness can be found in;
You can also ask yourself; What would Jesus say-do-think.:thumbsup:

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