Charleton Heston-- dead today at age 85

He will always be Moses for me… :frowning:
May he rest in God’s peace.

And Ben-Hur, Michelangelo, El Cid … and NRA poster boy :wink:

Vale :tiphat:

I truly hate to see him go. I guess he had Alzheimer’s, though, and I don’t doubt his mind is clear where he now is.

I don’t know that he was the best actor that ever appeared on the silver screen, but since my childhood, I have admired him, and always thought of him as a genuinely good man.

I’m so sorry to hear the news.

From Ben-Hur to El Cid to The Big Country, he always gave a great performance, with his awesome presence and magnificent voice.

May he rest in peace.

Good-bye, Mr. Heston. May you rest in peace.Thank you for your gift of acting.

I wonder what it would be like in heaven right now, meeting God and Moses? Just a thought. Again Good-bye, sir.

Oh, other movies with Mr. Heston in them:
Soylent Green

**Such a great cinema career for future generations to enjoy, respect and appreciate!

I first knew him from those crazy sci-fi films: Soyant Green, Omega Man and of course the original Planet of the Apes (which I will watch today).
Regardless, he will live on forever as Moses.

“Let my people go!”
“You damn apes, you blew it up!”

This is too sad, this was one of my Grand Father’s childhood friends. :frowning:

He and my grandfather were friends in St. Helen, Michigan where Heston lived in his youth.

I remember my grandfather always pointing out where Heston’s mom’s house was.

Loved the man…he was so gifted. May he rest in peace!

May he rest in peace.

Those d@mn dirty apes wil never get their stinkin’ paws on him again…


I wondered about that too, if when he meets Moses in heaven. I bet it’ll be awkward.


I think it’d be more awkward if he met Michelangelo. Much as I thought Charlie was great as Moses, I don’t think he was quite the best actor for Michaelangelo.

Maybe playing Moses was a turning point for him.

To me, Charleton Heston was first -
Handsome, good and who, while planning revenge, found Christ in a cupful of water and in later repaying that Mercy on the Way of the Cross was given back his mother and sister.

Moses - Who upon recognizing an old slave woman he’d saved, held the matching piece of an old Levite (?) cloth said - “This is the tie that binds.”

Charleton Heston. The human being - an actor who portrayed men of courage, who **did not forget **honor and truth - and who courageously wrote a letter to his public, before losing his memory to Alzheimer’s.
May he rest in God’s Peace.

I know it’s a little sick, but the phrase “cold, dead hands” keeps coming to mind.

May his soul rest in peace.

I liked Charleton Heston because he had a strong set of values but I did have a problem with his stand on family planning. He is on the list as opposing abortion but supporting Planned Parenthood.

ooooo, I’d forgotten that one…I can hear him saying it but can’t remember…Which movie?

I believe it was from one (or more) of his speeches as NRA President.

You are right. I was there.

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