Charlie Crist Removes Pro-Life Section of Campaign Web Site, Rubio Complains

FL - Charlie Crist has no principles. He will sell his soul, adding more moral and ethical corruption to the US Senate if elected.
This is not the first time.

Personally, I don’t think I will ever vote for a non-Catholic again or a “cafeteria” Catholic, so that takes Crist out of consideration. The only exception would be if I thought that the election of a particular non-Catholic would make a real difference on abortion or other major moral issues. But other than that, I would have a very hard time voting for somebody who does not respect the Church founded by Jesus Christ, and most Protestants (as well as others) do not.

Marco Rubio declares himself a Catholic, but does anyone know if he is a faithful, practicing Catholic?

I found this on the internet. Family Research Council endorses Mario Rubio.
This is what I could find on Family Research Council.

Don’t just vote for those who profess to be Catholic - ie Biden, and Polosi :tsktsk:
Enemies from within. Always do your own homework.

I also found several articles regarding Rubio cutting his campaign short due to his Father’s recurrence of lung cancer. (Sounds like family values to me.)

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