Charlie Manson is dead. To pray or not to pray


Good way of looking at it.

Think also, how many people think the same of us?


Charles Manson is one of the few people who received more publicity while in prison than before. One could easily surmise that he relished that publicity, which finally died down during his final years.
We don’t know if there was any change of heart during his last months of life. We don’t know if there has been any change of heart in the lives of his followers. Do pray for them.
God is the final judge of each of us.
Scripture tells us not to rejoice over the demise of our enemies. I will not mention the death of which person left me feeling guilty because I did indeed feel better that he was no longer living. He was no longer a threat to our country.
What should our response be in such a situation? When we do not know if a person has repented, or if to our limited knowledge he has not?
We ask for mercy, and pray for God’s justice.

I think there is a story about St. Theresa of Lisieux who prayed for a murderer condemned to the guillotine. It was a man for whom nobody cared and who showed no signs of repentance. Finally at the last second before his execution, he turned to God for mercy. We never know.


It is always a good idea to pray for something that cannot be verified. :slight_smile: Also to pray for other things which will happen with very high degree of likelihood. For example to pray for more snow during a blizzard. However, it would be a very bad idea to pray for something that most likely will not happen, but it could be verified if it did. Like praying for the regeneration of a lost limb. Or praying for a heat wave in the middle of that snow storm. :wink: Such supplicatory prayers could be disastrous for the supplicant’s faith… if he would be a rational person. Of course, no rational person would pray and hope that the prayer would change the mind of the immutable God.


We should pray for everyone, this poor man needs our prayers.


Always pray.


How about…pray for Sharon Tate instead? Or the other victims? That to me would be a worthier exercise.

Here I made a thread for it:

In my opinion, there is no resting in peace for someone like Manson. And…if you’re going to pray for him regardless, then at the very least you should pray for the victims.


Never reject the possibility of God’s mercy.

None of us know what happened today, nor the past few days, nor the past few years in prison. Pray for Sharon Tate, and pray for the soul of this man who ruined so many lives. The wretched need our prayers, because even they can repent and be saved through the grace and love of God.

Edit: we must also pray for the soul of Mrs Tate’s unborn baby who was murdered also.


The whole world was consecrated through BVM heart. We could just pray and ask her to place your prayers where they are most needed.


Given that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses in prison, there’s a chance he may have reduced culpability for what he did, especially since he himself does not seem to have personally killed anyone (he shot one man, who survived ). I am not sad he was put in prison for life as I think he was dangerous and needed to be removed from society, but he may well have just been a mentally disturbed man raving and a bunch of lonely druggies decided to make him into their god.


I pray for victims too, but it’s easy to pray for victims and families. People have a much harder time praying for the murderer, yet God loves the murderer just as much as the victim.

St. Therese prayed for the repentance of a man who had committed a gruesome murder and was on his way to be executed. She would have prayed for Manson too.

I’m honestly not sure why anyone would get bothered by people praying for the soul of a dead sinner.


Yes. I was young when this happened.

In the 1980s they interviewed him in prison and after seeing him and hearing the way he twisted answers I couldn’t sleep for a week.

To me back then, he was what evil looks like and I shudder thinking about it.

I did say a prayer for him, as we are instructed to pray for the dead. I also prayed for his victims.


There is no dilemma here. You always pray for anyone in need. He definitely needs/needed our prayers, no doubt.


Not to be rude, but your opinion is irrelevant to God here. Sorry; comments like this fly in the face of our beliefs. God can do the ultimate conversion, even in the person’s last breath. No one suggested not to pray for victims, but to suggest there’s no hope is to assume a role God didn’t give you.


It’s now a “bleeding heart liberal” trait to pray for a sinner?
Shaking my head…



Thank you for sharing the Aleteia link with us. I watched the Last Letter video and it brought me to tears. As for Manson, maybe I will say a prayer of forgiveness for him. I didn’t know he suffered from mental illness. That will never absolve him from his horrendous acts of violence, but, he was a human being. And, who am I to judge anyone else?



Rather proud of my bleedin heart :slight_smile:


I seem to recall Our Lady had a bleeding heart when those swords pierced it


Ezekiel 18:23 seems to be applicable


Always pray for the souls of the deceased, all the deceased.


Of course we should pray for him. The hardest of sinners in this life are the ones who require the most prayer.

" When Jesus heard this, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I have come to call not the righteous but sinners.” Mk 2:17

“When we die, there will be three surprises in Heaven. First we shall find there people whom we never expected would be there; then we shall find people whom we were certain would be there, but are not. And third, by the mercy of God, I will be there!” -Fulton J. Sheen

May God pour out His Infinite Mercy upon Charles Manson and all of his victims.

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