Charlie's Angels actress Farrah Fawcett dies of cancer with her family at her bedside

May the Lord welcome her home with open arms.

Charlie’s Angels actress Farrah Fawcett dies of cancer with her family at her bedside

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:03 PM on 25th June 2009

Farrah Fawcett lost her long battle with cancer today.

The 62-year-old American actress passed away with family and friends by her side, her spokesman confirmed.

The devout Catholic had been read her last rites this morning.

Awwww, that’s really sad. She will be greatly missed. :frowning:

Rest in peace.

I grew up ‘with’ Farrah Fawcett…man where does the time go !?

may she rest in peace

anybody know if she was/became a Christian?

May she rest in peace.


I remember years ago, she said in an interview she never went to sleep at night without praying her Rosary. This was when she was married to Lee Majors (The Bionic Man). She was proud to be a Catholic then.

I’d heard, while she was sick and dying that she had a Rosary in her hands at all times.

I read today that she was annointed (they called it given the Last Rites) last night by a Catholic Priest.

(I understand she went to Catholic Elementary School)

Yes, my mother said she saw her with her Rosary beads while being interviewed on t.v. as well.

I had no clue she was Catholic till today but I’m so happy to hear she received her Last Rites (Anointing of the Sick). I feel confident she’s either now in Heaven or on her way there very soon as this Sacrament removes either all or a large portion of our temporal punishment we would have spent there otherwise.

God Bless you Farrah and if you are still in Purgatory, then I pray that your stay will be very brief. :slight_smile:

i think she was very brave to have made a documentary about her battle with cancer.

she was a lovely person and i was sad when she left lee majors. i thought they were a beautiful couple. i have not heard a statement from him yet. i think he is still alive.

it is too bad that her death has been overshadowed by the death of michael jackson, but for her family it might be best, because they might get more privacy.

anyhow, her battle is over. may she rest in peace.

Not only did she receive the last rites, but hopefully all her suffering the last few years will mitigate some of her time in Purgatory.

May she rest in peace…She was just a beautiful person (and a very good actress).
I saw her cancer documentary, & she always had her rosary in her hands when she was the sickest.:signofcross::gopray::signofcross:

God Bless you Farrah Fawcett. May your soul have risen to Heaven to spend eternity with the Lord God. :signofcross:

It was only about ten years ago That she was posing for Playboy. Like most of us, but in her case more than most, she had One foot in the Church and One out of it. Finally they Lord grabbed hold of her and held her attention. She seems to have stayed on the beam thereafter. Whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth! If you want to help her out, pray that her son also sees the light and gets HIS act together.

Its too bad her death has been overshadowed by M. Jackson’s death.

Is “Charlie’s Angels” series available to rent on DVD by chance? Does anyone know?

It was sad to see her battle cancer. She fought the good fight. She will be miss. I and my kids used to watch her in “charlie’s angels”. May our Lord cradle her in His arms and there she may praise Him forever. She always had that smile

Once a Catholic,always a Catholic.I pray that I have the opportunity to receive Extreme Unction at the end and die in a state of grace in the arms of my Church.

Rest in peace Farrah we will surely miss you.
Vaya con Dios por siempre.

Our prayers are w/ you Farah! :angel1:

I was so sad when Farrah died. I had seen her documentary and started praying hard that God would show his power and deliver her from the dread of cancer. I was disappointed when He didn’t answer my prayer.

God showed his power by the courage w/ which Farah dealt w/ her cancer…

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