Charlotte (North Carolina) Diocese Liturgical Norms

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These are the liturgical norms recently enacted for the Diocese of Charlotte by Bishop Jugis. They were supposed to go into effect on Holy Thursday, but I haven’t heard it mentioned at all other than this link and its publication in the diocesan newspaper. Diocese of Charlotte - Liturgical Norms

Just posting FYI, but I’m curious if there’s anyone from the diocese who notices deviations (as opposed to the overused “abuses”) from these norms in their parish?

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Hey, I was reading the norms and I have two questions. First I was confused by what this meant on liturgical dance:

[left]6. **The words of prayers, responses and readings are to be utilized as they appear in the

approved Mass texts. For example, The Nicene Creed, the response at the Orate fratres,

and the preface dialogue, and other Mass texts are not to be altered. No foreign elements

are to be introduced into the liturgy other than those that are called for by the liturgical

norms, e.g. liturgical dance.**5

[font=Arial][size=2]Is that saying that liturgical dance is allowed in the diocese??? Second, do all dioceses have published norms??? Thanks and God Bless.[/left]

As I read it, liturgical dance is definitely not allowed. The last gasp of this was a procession at one of our churches which had a Hurambi (sp?) dance processional in which children at the parish were invited to participate. It was a zoo…


The Local parish in the Diocese of Charlotte FINALLY put up a crucifix, but everything else is terrible. :mad: At least the mass is licit now, maybe.

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