Chart of Canadian and USA corona infections (good visuals)

Data current as of Saturday, end October 2020.

Basically Manitoba would be in 36th place if both countries were ranking their data together.

Chart shows the spikes, falls, and second waves in an easy-to-read format.

I don’t see anything remarkable. Remember that you must normalize your data when comparing countries. I added the EU for greater context.

Thank you. Your chart is interesting and useful in its thread.

I should have clarified. There was discussion in another thread about why Canada has closed its borders to USian auto traffic from March 2020 (and is still closed through end November). It was because USians who were under lockdown / restrictions had shrugged and crossed a line on a map to a place where the barbershop / cinema / lottery outlet / malls (etc.) were still open.

Canada and most of Europe have made their anti-virus plans at the national level, with some local input (and local kibbitzing). The USA has operated at the local level, with some national input (and national kibbitzing). So that’s why I posted a map comparing the neighboring nations.

It’s less likely that USians will jet to Europe to do their shopping; it’s mostly about what people are doing within driving distance.

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