Charter Cancels EWTN?!

Has anyone else run into this problem? It seems that Charter Communications has recently moved EWTN from the first tier and is asking customers to pay them an extra 5 dollars per month for this programming. The kicker is this…where EWTN used to be, now is the protestant channel… Charter says that EWTN is asking for more money for Charter to carry this channel.

Does anyone know of any websites, articles, or information that would show that what Charter is saying is untrue, so we can get our catholic channel back!?

This is blatant anti-catholicism!

No…it’s blatant capitalism…

Exactly - the Protestant stations bring in more viewers as in more money. EWTN may be dropped here too because of ratings - or moved to a premium plan.

EWTN does not charge… Here


EWTN is an independent charitable organization based in Alabama, USA. It has trustees but does not have shareholders or owners. EWTN is donor-based. It is financed entirely by donations from its viewers, listeners, supporters, and benefactors. There are no shares, no invested funds, and EWTN receives no advertising or syndication income. Mother Angelica founded the network relying on Divine Providence, and this mode of operation continues to this day.EWTN does not charge for its services. All its satellite signals are “free to air”, that is, available at no cost. It offers its programme transmissions free directly to the viewer, as well as to cable operators, broadcast television and radio stations.

Don’t get excited about EWTN getting moved. You are wasting energy. The only goal in commercial television production is making money on advertising. That’s it. That is all. If show A will make more money on advertising than show B, show A goes on and show B goes out.

Rush Limbaugh gets hours of radio time daily because he says enough provocative things that millions listen to him and the producers get big dollars from advertisers. If the advertisers dry up, we won’t hear Rush any more.

The issue is that Charter Communications said that the reason that they moved EWTN was because they were charging them more money to carry their station. I was trying to get information whether this was true or not. They then move EWTN to a higher tier which means that I would have to pay $5 to get this channel. If EWTN does not charge money, than there is no reason to move it to a higher tier to basically charge Catholics more to receive a free channel.

I understand that this is capitalism. It is not right for them to lie to me about the reason they moved this channel to a higher tier (=charging me more to receive the channel).

Thank you this was exactly the information I needed.

PS. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Contact EWTN and let them know what the company is saying. They may be able to get in touch with them and put a stop to that, at least.

The cable TV company doesn’t have unlimited bandwidth. So, they want to put on stations that draw viewers so they can sell advertising. Even if EWTN is free to the cable company, it costs the company money to broadcast it, and it may not draw as many viewers as some other station would. So, the viewers either make up the shortfall by paying, or they boot EWTN.

For example, if they can make more by replacing EWTN with old Perry Mason and Mr. Ed shows, then EWTN goes.

Maybe they didn’t charge but now, they do?

And there are no local ad spots for the company to sell with EWTN.

Comcast has done the same.

And so has Cox. We went without it for a long while, but have just forked out the extra to get it again. We also ended up with the National Geographic channel so that was a fun extra. :wink:

That doesn’t sound like wise marketing. I wonder why they have that policy.

They haven’t cancelled EWTN here and I have Charter:confused:

When will this take place?

Oh if only that would happen! :slight_smile:

We just cut cable thinking we could point our dish to Galaxy 13 Transponder 11. Nope. I should have checked first that our Dish Network receiver would have been proprietary all together. So we’re trying to debug the interrupts on our internet so we can watch it that way for a while until I either we anny-up for a “real satellite” system. But I don’t want a giant dish just to get EWTN. We’re freeing our family from the clutches of the material world. It makes me want to break out with Modonna’s “Material Girl” song.

We’re tired of feeling trapped with getting all that trash on Cable and Satellite. Local channels have become virtual cesspool enough without exposing the stumbling across that other trash and 24/7 cartoons. We did that for a while and it’s not good. We’ve weaned them and ourselves off of it for now. But we really NEED EWTN. But we can’t just order it alone. If you know about a solution to our problem let us know.

I have Comcast (not digital), and still get EWTN for no extra charge, although it has to share the channel with an Evangelical network (but EWTN gets more of the time). Digital cable subscribers can get EWTN 24 hours a day.

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Our Mediacom cable outfit in Carbondale, IL refuses to even think of offering EWTN here. We get the persistent “Never had it, never will” attitude. We’re trying. Try these:

  1. Find EWTN supporters from your parishes.

  2. As a GROUP, complain before the city council. Let them know you think it’s unfair for them to grant a franchise to a company that practices anti-Catholic discrimination.

  3. Let the council know you think it’s wrong for the city to participate in anti-Catholic discrimination by receiving a franchise tax/fee and ignoring the activity.

  4. Let the council know there are plenty of Catholic voters in your area who will remember who supported and who opposed this behavior, and you will remind the electorate at election time.

BTW, if anyone in southern Illinois wants to help me convince Mediacom to allow EWTN here, please contact me by email.

Gerald Zimmerman

I can’t find EWTN in Smyrna, GA as of this week! What happened?

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