Charter is still attacking EWTN (Urgent)


EWTN – The dispute continues(Charter moves EWTN from 25 to 152):

Hello fellow Catholics,

Thank you for you quick response but the battle is not over. Charter is still playing
games. Thanks to your response yesterday they put EWTN back on aire but there is still a problem that has to be dealt with. Charter has moved EWTN to channel 152 in my local area. They were on Channel 25. You need to call them & tell them to put the programming back on Channel 25.

This is important for several reasons:

1.) Generally speaking, MORE PEOPLE VIEW THE 1st 100 CHANNELS on cable.
The 1st hundred channels are important in cable television as they are the ones
most accessible and easier to view. The cable boxes are programmed to start with
the earlier channels. This provides better access to people outside the Catholic
Faith for viewing & for their conversion. Hence the earlier channels provide a greater
access to the secular world & to non-Catholics. And the 1st hundred channels are
generally of higher ratings and primetime: (ie. more people view them).

2.) This is a political game. The taking EWTN off air 1 day ago & today the moving of
the channel to 152 happened bc. EWTN criticized the Health Care Bill. This is my
opinion bc. it happened as soon as the network started broadcasting more blatant
attacks on the bill. It appears someone doesn’t want the station to criticize the
administration & is afraid of its influence on fellow Catholics. They deny this &
say it is cost & blah blah blah but contracts are begun in January not negotiated
in March. This is a song & dance they give--don't buy it.


   This is for the conversion of souls.  We want EWTN to be as easily accessible as 
   possible.  You may think to yourself ‘ah well at least they put it back on aire’.  
   This is precisely the game they want to play.  Don’t give them an inch, a millimeter,
   a hair breaths’ of anything.  The adage of the saints has always been ‘never give 
   Satan any quarter on any sin on anything’.  Give him nothing, except no 
   compromise, make no deal, no reconciliation.  We need easy access for our Faith 
   to other viewers.  We don’t want them to have to dig through a bunch of channels to 
   find our Faith. 

I sincerely thank all those who responded earlier and called the station but I ask you once again to take up the battle cry for Christ your God. He is calling you to defend him against the prince of liars of this world who is trying to blot out the message of Jesus Christ. We are the ONE, The HOLY, APOSTOLIC, CATHOLIC Church. We accept no compromise from the enemy of souls, we will not accept his attempts to placate us, we will not compromise. Remember

Call Charter Today and tell them:
I will not accept your anti-Catholic Bigotry. I want EWTN back on air on channel
25. There are other viewing options I can go to & I want this message to go to
your higher ups

Charter Communications Headquarters
12405 Powerscourt Drive
St. Louis , MO 63131
Phone: (314) 965-0555 or 1 (888) 438-2427

Ps. Remember Charter is a company & is deathly afraid of losing business esp. now


My brother-in-law works for Comcast, so I wouldn’t be supporting them anyway. :o


I don’t see it as an attack at all.

This is about business, dollars and cents…well mostly dollars. EWTN dosn’t have a huge view base, face it, most people don’t care and probaly purposly avoid it.

This isn’t bigatry it’s business. If you REALLY want the chanel to be on then get the viewer base.

As far as the health care bill, don’t give me the **** that it’s some kind of government conspisiry. There are plenty of hot shots on television landbashing the bill into a new millenium. Not just EWTN…infact…I can’t think of anything EWTN could say that’d be worse than some of those guys.

Don’t act as if you’re being persecuted when you’re not. Study a little about business and get off your high horse.


We should be able to pay for individual channels and let our pocketbooks and the market decide the rest. It’s a cable cabal, and I don’t buy the packaging-reduces-pricing.


Charter just filed for bankruptcy. They have been reported to the BBB numerous times. They seem like a bad company in general. Why not switch to another cable company? That’s what I would do, and tell them why.


I’ve never even heard of it. I’m just happy that my cable company carries EWTN. They can move it to wherever they want, I’d buy what ever package is necessary to get it.



EWTN has 132 million people who watch it daily. This is not ‘dollar & cents’.
They have one of the largest viewer base in the country. March is not a time
of contract negotiations but January. Nor do I consider myself a conspiracy
theory person but I know that things when they get political can get complicated.

I am asking for fellow Catholics charity bc. this will affect alot of people in my area.


Largest viewer base of what?? what are you basing that on?


132 million worldwide viewers. EWTN is international. I was not saying this in regard to the
United States. I’m not sure what the national base is but it isn’t less than Protestant Networks.


what is your source?


EWTN is my source. Call them.

EWTN’s own promotional information states that it has become the largest religious media network in the world. It transmits 24-hour programming to more than 123 million homes (146 million homes as of February 2008) in 127 countries and 16 territories on more than 4,800 cable systems (5,200 cable systems as of February 2008), wireless cable, direct broadcast satellite (DBS), low power TV and individual satellite users. According to a 1994 cover story in the National Catholic Reporter, “Mother Angelica claims to reach 38 million homes in 49 states, and every Latin American capital 24 hours a day, though EWTN has made no scientific studies to measure who really watches. The network does this with a staff of 124 for about $8.5 million a year, while raising about $25 million a year in donations.”[5]


It is about dollars and cents.

How much advertising revenue does EWTN generate for Charter? $0.

I'd be on my knees thanking GOD that they decided to leave EWTN on the lineup, even if it is channel 999.


Channel 152 is a digital channel and not part of the basic cable channels as was channel 25. This is really awful. My 86 year old mom just got a new flat panel TV, and they want her to get a digital box!


And how much do people pay to see EWTN? People pay $5 A SHOW to watch some ESPN sports games. And individual programs are rated as high as EWTN’s entire audience. Sorry.


EWTN broadcasts for free–in that they provide the signal for free. It’s outrageous that the Cable company would move it to a higher cost–it should be in the basic cable lineup.


Not if it dosn’t make them money!!!

Have you ever done a business class. Hypothetical situation:
I hire people and pay them according to what they do. I pay the stock-room boy to put things away, I hire a janitor to clean. I hire a book-keeper to do the books. The Book-keeper is physically capable of doing EVERYTHING the janitor does. Infact, I could keep her around for 40 hours a week and eliminate the stock-boy and janitor positions. But I don’t becuase I pay the stock-boy $8.00 an hour to stock and the janitor $7.50 to clean. I pay the book-keeper $10.

Just because the book-keeper can be there and do the work dosn’t mean I want her to do it. Just because EWTN is free dosn’t mean that it makes sence to keep on. If they can only broadcast 100 signals and people want History Chanel or even the fishing chanel and advertizers will pay…then that’s what the business does.

That’s like saying that a retailer should stock catholic items in a store simply because the seller dosn’t want a commission. Just becuase they CAN be there dosn’t mean they should. And they’re using up space…VALUABLE retail space.

I’m sick of people telling private business what they should and shouldn’t do…or worse yet, get government or administration involved. I am a catholic and proud of it.

Want EWTN? Get internet and a basic computer. The cable companies are dying anyway.


Yes, yes, I understand your point. I’m not stupid, thanks. However, what do the cable companies get out of boadcasting local tv stations? Do they get a cut of the ads there? I’m really not sure how that works. Does ABC pay to have their regular old broadcast tv on the basic cable? I’m not sure. Maybe you, oh smart one, might know. But if cable is dying, how is the space so valuable, anyway. I say a pay per channel service would make more sense. These packages are just rediculous. I have no choice in getting the Golf channel, but if I ask for EWTN, I’m evil.

Additionally, there is something called a business providing good local service to the community–for the betterment of the community or to help people out. Many shut ins rely on EWTN Masses for their daily spiritual needs. My dh led his local K of C ouncil in a meeting with our local Charter on behalf of these people and Charter basically said, too bad. We’re recommending that everyone drop Charter if at all possible (they have a cable monopoly in our town, you have to get a dish or use the internet to get choice) and tell them why. They can’t stoop to help out their local communities.



Come on JenniferJ. We can have a civil debate here without getting mean.

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