Charting Perimenopause Creighton Marquette


I have been Creighton Model for 9 years (observation only- I don’t use the temperature due to drugs I’m on)… I’m now 43 and have been in full blown perimenopause for 2 years now. Current 6 month history has been a long heavy period of a week with heavy-cloudy-clear mucus. Then Cloudy-clear continues with a couple of clear-only-days interspersed finishing off with 2-3 dry, mucus free available days and it starts all over. I hate it. I feel like I’m on Contraception :mad: (I won’t go into why I have dispensation for NFP but I am handicapped and chronic drugs involved are toxic). I was thinking of introducing Marquette method into the Creighton mix to better pinpoint my free-day availability but my RN says, “No, dual methods make each method less accurate.” Marquette says their method is built to work with Creighton. Does anyone have any experience in Marquette? How about making more ‘free’ days available during perimenopause? Thanks

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