Ever heard of him or that website?

He seems to give a lot of good advice for college age and high schoolers.

But his advice dosen't seem too good for us 30 something singles lol....

I mean he says things like-we just need to serve God and be happy being single and things like that. He dosen't seem to promote the single's vocation though.

But he also says that we don't need anyone else to make us complete-except Jesus....

So what do you all think?


I have recommended his site to people on these forums many times, lol.

My daughter saw Jason and his wife a few years back when he came to a local college. I believe he had a profound influence on her. The message he speaks about is not just for teens, it is for anyone that is single. The age does not matter. He does have a very interesting book out for women about finding the right guy. I have read it, (before I gave it to my daughter) and can tell you that it wouldn't hurt for a guy to read it either... He is a fantastic speaker with a great message.:thumbsup:


we watched a recording of Mr Evert and his wife from the NCYC and it was very good. But was geared toward the youth...

It doesn't matter what your state is in life...try to be happy where you are. No person is going to fill that space. Develop yourself and you never know the straight path drawn with crooked the other end.

If you are lonely...offer it up.
If you are someone else who needs your ability.



I have read his book “Theology of Her/His Body”, I have only read the Her half of the book so far but I loved it, although he caters his language for teens his advice is for everyone. He has a new one “How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul” that I am very interested in getting. I have also heard podcasts of his talks and a few of his and his wife’s guest radio/t.v appearances.

I agree you don’t need anyone but Jesus to make you complete. That does not mean you don’t need people or a husband (or wife in your case), it means you should be complete first, your spouse’s job is not to complete you, compliment maybe, complete no. Uneven and unhealthy relationships are created this way and that is not God’s plan.


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