Chastity and Islam


A question especially for Muslims: what is the teaching and approach of Islam to chastity?

In Christianity, chastity is understood as purity of heart and mind, with the ultimate objective as to not make to an object of another person.

What is the approach of Islam to this? As an outsider, my impression has been that the Islamic approach to chastity is more based on the woman’s behavior and dress (cf. the wearing of the hijab): I. e.: “I (male) am/can be chaste, as long as you (female) cover yourself up. So my chastity (whether in thought or deed) depends on your dress and behavior.”

Is this a misunderstanding or is it correct? What does Islam teach about chastity? What are the sources of this teaching in the Quran and the Hadiths?

NB: I am asking the question mostly to learn about similarities and differences between Islam and Catholicism/Christianity. I would like to have a respectful discussion about this. So please, Christians, don’t start complaining about the married life and morals of Mohamed - and if you do, please do it in a respectful manner…


Hello My friend,

I am a muslim. This subject one can write books on . I recommend a good muslim forum .

To summarise for now, i can tell you that Chastity in Islam is the acts or ethics that one can do or believe in order to prevent himself and others from falling into any forbidden sexual conduct.

This can be demonstrated in modesty in dressing, watching ones mouth and words, modesty in walking or acting , only gazing or hearing at things that in themselves are allowed in islamic law or that would not lead to inappropriate sexual conduct or thoughts.

If you have further´detailed questions i am happy to answer, also you can check the forum. There are many non muslims there.

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I read somewhere that Muslim men are expected to be modest in dress also but I don’t know if this is true.


That is true.

Muslim men cant reveal any body part between the navel and the kneee. Nor befroe any woman or man even thir brothers or family or any one except their wives.

Ofcourse that doesnt mean they walk around bare chested , but thats the minimum limit.




Thank you for answering that Meedo.:slight_smile:

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