Chastity Bono getting sex change

I found it interesting that they were referring to her as “him.” She hasn’t had the sex change yet.

If she really is supposed to be a man, does that make her a heterosexual, if after becoming a man she is still attracted to women?:confused:

I guess that would make sense, although perhaps it is up to Chaz (Bono’s apparent new name) to say, one way or the other.

Yeah. Probably. I have a male friend who is transitioning to be a female, and (s)he is attracted to women. (s)He says that (s)he thinks (s)he probably considers himself a lesbian.

I wondered the exact same thing. I must be clueless, because I don’t know how it is physically or biologically possible to make a female into a fully functioning male.

And as a female, I would be beyond distressed if the man I found out I was dating had been a women at some point. It is the master deception.

This odd because I was on facebook the other day and came across a person who says knows me, it is a female, who has the same name of boy I dated in college. I know that he didn’t have a twin sister or any sisters. I am not too sure what to make of it but I am a little grossed out by it. :o

I want to be a Panda Bear.

You don’t want to know. I have a cousin (physician) who filled me in years ago. He doesn’t do this kind of surgery, but knows of it.

+Pax, -Dawn

Now THAT operation would be something to see. I wonder if the fur grafts would be painful.:o

It would be worth it. I’ve always felt like a Panda and love to climb trees.

Well if you really feel like you suppose to be born a panda then I don’t see any problem with it. I mean god did make you this way right.;):rolleyes::cool:

Well, I don’t think that we should panda to your whims.


Sometimes nature screws up. You’re really a Panda but born a man.

Why grossed by it? Some people are just going to have to come to terms that some are born in the wrong body.

Like a man who should have been a panda?:slight_smile:

*While Michael’s comment is meant to be funny, I feel sorry for Bono and all people who struggle with transgender issues. We shouldn’t make fun of their struggles. :frowning: I can’t even imagine going through life wanting to be a man, but clearly I look like a woman. I can’t imagine struggling with that in my own head, everyday. We should pray for her. *

Just as some people are born with the wrong limbs. Have you heard of Body Integrity Identity Disorder?

I don’t think you should say that they are born in the “wrong” body. I don’t think anything a person is born with is “wrong”. They came out the way God intended them to be.

i knew of someone almost 20 years ago who was a male and wanted to become a woman.
he/she had to live, dress like a woman for so many months before the operation would be performed. i think during this time they also start a regiment of hormonal shots. so i guess Chastity has already changed her name to Chaz and wants to be referred to as he or him. this poor girl. she has been through a lot. i also feel sorry for people like this and can’t imagine what it would be like to live like this.


So a baby born with spina bifida has the body that God intended?

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