chastity devices

hello, i have been considering what that I read about. called “chastity device” for man.

this product is variably made of steel or leather or combination. its purpose is to prevent the male from having the sensual relations. sometimes it uses a lock or some things like this to keep it on.

i remember hearing about the austeridad activities of the earlier Saints, include sleeping in the chains, and more!

now i was wonder about this type of kind of chastity belt / deivce for male man. if he is no married, this is no problem, no? because he wants to remain free from the temptation.

i beleive this type of kind is also avail for the woman, but i don see the need for this today. can anyone tell me about this devices and if the CHURCH is agains it?

god bless,

Is this contraption for your son?

Bad idea. If it is for yourself it can cause infections, discomfort, and damage to the testicles. (Risk of infection would be even higher if you are uncircumcised because you will not be able to clean under the foreskin with that on.)

If this is for your son that would be child abuse, pure and simple.

Hahaha, sounds like what the princess had in spaceballs. Does ithave an alarm too?:rolleyes:

And how exactly is the guy supposed to pee if this contraption works as advertised?

Perhaps one should spend the time in learning self-control instead of depending on some device that most likely had its roots in sexual bondage toys and is probably manufactured by a company that does make those “toys”.

nooooo…how you think that?

but i have many unmarried friends and we talk about this

Because its on the family life forum.

i don try to use this on nobody! don say this, and make a problem with me. i don even own this things, i never buy these things. i don use it! but i see about it sometimes.

anyway, no body want to have serious conversation about these? it OK - but if we adult people we can have serious talk about it. there is no reasons to feel insecure about these.

if you say me, donut use these, because bible say no use it, i say fine we close talk. but if the bible no say these, then we can have discussion. don make me look like a bad guy because i not bad guy. no make problem! we are adult.

While it is praiseworthy to want to avoid the near occasion of sin, you do not gain virtue by putting yourself in a prison, not even a prison you take with you. Generally speaking, a fellow who wants to get around such a device would figure out how to do it and a fellow who doesn’t will not need one. After all, Our Lord says the person who gives himself over to lust in his heart has already committed adultery. How can a device get in the way of that?

The better option for maintaining your chastity is to have a regular confessor to whom you know you will have to admit your sins. Good companions who know you and watch out for you and worthwhile use of your time are also good ways to develop virtue.

OK - just to help out the OP:

Jesus did say, “If thine eye offend thee pluck it out…”

Shouldn’t we take him literally?

If we did, I think a sadly large number of people these days would be blind.

Why would the Bible have anything to say about it? It probably wasn’t even invented then.

Use your common sense. Do you really think God would be pleased if a man would use such a potentially dangerous device? What a person needs is a change of heart, not a shackle to keep him in line and chaste. Sin can’t be conquered without an internal change. You might not be able to commit fornication with one of these on, but what good does that do for the soul if you are lusting and don’t conquer the lust?

Pray for a change of heart instead.

Please don’t condescend to the OP. I think we could all use a little more charity with one another on these forums.

Because your only other posts (save one) are about your son and his evil girlfriend. :shrug:

And you put this in the family forum.

Yes, I am having problems believing this post to be of a genuine nature.

his girlfriend is adult grown woman, HE is adult grown man. we cannotr change his mind. we begin to accept his choise. but we don have to accept a rude talk when they in our house. this is other issue, please, not talking here about this. we never use these device or even own this.

maybe in your countrys you don like to be open, but from where i from is not problem to discuss this things. we no scared of this talking, talking about sex, or the love. or the family. we try to make simple life. you no like? OK, then don give me answers if you choice is no to give. thanks and God bless

“Trial membership”? “Chastity device”? These things are almost always used for kinky fetishes and sold in sex shops for domination fetishes, etc.

I sense a troll.

Me no think dis real poster.

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