Chastity for Me, someone really young


I am a 19 year old boy, and I’m struggling to be closer to God each day.

Chastity. It has been a struggle. And it is a struggle for many. But I feel like I am finally winning.

Chastity is one of the greatest celebrations of the human body that one can perform. When I am with my girlfriend, I feel so happy to tell her that her body is precious and that I am nobody to take it from her. Her body is so precious, and my body is the only precious thing that I own. To give her my entire body, my entire body and soul, until my last and final breath, would be the only thing worth hers, and still, I would feel like a thief. Her body is just so precious.

Only my life would be worth hers. Only my life. I wish I could say that to you, and look you earnestly in the eyes as I said so.

I’ll tell you something a little personal, but it’s something that I have no shame in at all, in fact I am very proud of it. I kiss her from her shoulder to her forehead, and all I think as I’m doing this is “I love everything about you.” My hand is at her back. “I love everything about you.”


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