Chastity is Love


Here is some chastity resources to learn about the beautiful virtue of chastity. It brings joy, peace, harmony to the marriage, stable parenting, happy kids, and leads to heaven! The state of being chaste is the state of the Angels, and the saints.

Lust, on the other hand, is deceitful vice under the disguise of “love”. Everyone wants love, everyone desires love. But is lust, love?

No, God is Love. Jesus is. And He is Chaste.
The devil is impure, and he is envious, of we going to heaven and enjoy the vision of God, thus he deceives us in many ways, especially in this media and technology era, where the vice of impurity is everywhere.

Jason Evert

He teaches chastity, and practice abstinence until marriage, even when living in the US. His engagement was documented by BBC, with a title show, Anna in wonderland. Which also documented women wrestlers, bizarre things, and bugs. That means, that people who go to heaven is very little. It is impossible to be impure and enter Heaven. That will make God a liar, but He is not. The Devil is the Father of all lies.

Jason Evert Channel
It will change your life. Full of joy, peace, no more guilt. And full of love, and life, everlasting. Remember, your soul is immortal. So is your body, which will resurrect at the last day. While your soul instantly at the general judgement, will enjoy immediate vision of God, that is heaven, or be separated from God for all eternity.
There is a price we have to pay for selling our bodies to prostitutes on the internet. That is televised prostitutes. That what porn is. Pure prostitution. Women who sell her body for the pleasures of millions of different men.
We should pray for these women instead of using them. They are someone’s daughter. They are God’s daughters gone astray. Would you look at your daughter being treated by millions of man that way. I say millions, that is an exaggeration, you say? There is 5 billion people on the earth, one million is an understatement.

Think about your soul. Think about eternity. Is it worth for a pleasure for 25550 days to be paid for eternity in hell? (70 years times 365 is 25550, very short huh)

The very people who said that there is no hell, already experiences hell in earth. They are like lucifer, denying God. And will share his fate. But all his saints and all the just, share peace, joy, and love abundant, even here on earth. And for all eternity live with God.

Think about it. I pray for you. Jesus can help you. He is the source of peace, joy, and happiness. Because he is our Creator. And he wants us to be happy, with Him for all eternity.

Pure in Heart EWTN interview part 1-5

Group of catholics from Ireland who practice and teach about chastity in the modern world. Q&A
QandA about human sexuality

Theology of the Body, Christopher West Videos
Life changing, christopher explains the original unity of man and woman, which is an image of the unity of the love in the Trinity. Our body is sacred… It holds mystery. And, after watching these videos, you will understand the dignity of your own body. And the meaning of human sexuality.

Theology of the Body, Christopher West Audios
It will change your image about men and woman, that is stereotyped wrongly in the modern world. It is actually… holy. The unity of man and woman in the sacrament of marriage, that is. It is an image of the Wedding feast of the Lamb, where we are the bride of Christ, and Christ is our Bridegroom.

Sacrament of Marriage Seminar
You can download the videos, it will heal your marriage, and makes it beautiful in the sight of God. Can also be heard of single people interested in learning about the beauty of the sacrament of marriage in the catholic church. Marriage is a Sacrament. It means, it’s holy

You can download the videos using atube catcher


Here is a shocking truth, while girls seem to dress to please guys. The guys aren't pleased with immodesty. They say they are distracting, and the girls are trying to draw attention. They prefer that the women wear modest clothing.

modesty vs immodesty. Boys in their own words

What guys really think

What guys think about modesty

Male perspective on modesty part 1

Male perspective on modesty part 2

Modest dress - guys being honest

Modesty is a Christian virtue. Immodesty is a vice. Ask for this virtue of modesty, everyday. And little by little you will change. And it will be edifying to our neighbors. And lead us all to heaven. There is no saint who dressed immodestly, in contrary to the teaching to the bible. And do not ever think that if you do the opposite you still can go to heaven. Repent, confess, amend. That's the only way.

May the Merciful Jesus, grant you His Mercy and salvation


For those who are struggling with pornography by matthew fradd

Matthew went to WYD and start this website to help the people who are struggling

You can listen to his talks here

You can also listen to Jason Evert

And Christopher West Explaining about theology of the body

You can download Naked Without Shame to listen offline, by christopher west

And Christopher West Videos, explaining the original unity between man and woman, that is the image and likeness of the love in the Trinity

You can listen to Shelley Lubben, a former porn actress, who is a christian (from protestant denominations though, but she's a good honest person)

Shelley Lubben's Story in English

More Matthew Fradd
Life After Porn Pt1

Journey Home EWTN

PiusVision Channel is wonderful

The Pure Life
The Pure Life is also good, Hosted by Jason Evert and Crystallina Evert

Listen with discretion, they talk blatantly.

Questions and Answers on Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics
Questions and Answers on Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics

The Theology of the Body for Teens - Jason Evert
The Theology of the Body for Teens
Hosted by Jason and Cristalina Evert with Brian Butler
Jason and Crystalina Evert and Brian Butler present John Paul II's compelling vision for love and life. Using a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and references to the culture that teens understand, each episode of Theology of the Body for Teens answers the questions teens have about their own bodies, issues on sexual morality, and how each of us is uniquely created for greatness.

Book suggestion
May I suggest books to buy?

Books by Jason Evert is also wonderful


Well, I don't have those struggles now, but I used to have those.

I am a recent convert, of 5 years.

It used to be a terrible temptation for me at such a young age.

From the age of 8 I saw my dad watched pornography. I think in the USA this is a big issue. No I do not live in the USA.

But Jesus has changed me. Through frequent confession and communion, through prayer, the rosary, the divine mercy chaplet. Through daily conversion.

I feel sorry for the statistics of pornography in the usa

Well, may Jesus save that nation.

May the merciful Jesus bless you


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