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Hi, I’m a 21 year old student and in the past I have had sex. Now that I’ve come back to the church in the past 7 (about) months, I’d like to become chaste till marriage and wear a chastity ring. Is this hypocrytical or wrong for me to do/wear because I have lost my virginity in the past, or can I still be chaste? Hope you can shed some light on this sensitive topic. Thanks.

In Christ


Yes, you can still be chaste and wear a chastity ring. God always gives us second chances :slight_smile: God bless.


Chastity isn’t something that is based of our pasts (for who, then, could aspire to it but a scant few?), but of our intentions for the future.


Of course you can wear the ring, so long as chastity is the intention of your heart.
God bless you for coming back to the faith!
One thing I might suggest is to be prepared that people might ask you about the ring. This is an opportunity for you to evangelize and let people know what God has done for you and why you have chosen a chaste life.


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Saying a prayer for you now David. Congrats on returning to the Church, and may God be with you on your journey! :smiley:


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