Chastity vs. Celibacy


I am not sure I really understand the difference. Is it in purity of heart?


Celibacy refers to being unmarried. Hence priests practice celibacy in that they don’t marry.

Chastity refers to the proper use of one’s sexuality. Everyone is called to be chaste. For those who are married it means fidelity to their spouses. For those who are unmarried it means self-control or abstinence.


So you’re saying that if a person is single that there is no difference?


It’s pretty much the same. A priest shouldn’t be engaging in sexual activity. Neither should an unmarried man or woman. The difference is that the priest promises to remain celibate while the unmarried person could get married.

You may find this blog post by Fr. Jim Tucker a good explanation of celibacy and chastity.


Chastity is the virtue that is the balance of appropriate sexual behavior and attitude according to one’s state in life.
Celebacy is the practice or dicipline of abstaiing from sexual activity.

celebacy is a form of chastity.


Thank you all so much. I understand this with much more clarity now.


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