Chastity vs Fornication

I am a female age 48, never married with no children. This is what I got for following the church’s teaching on chastity. No man wants a woman who does not “put out”. Time after time I refuse sexual relations and each time the man walks away. If God wants me to be chaste why does He not send me a chaste gentleman? If I want to share my life with someone do I really have to sin? :frowning: This is filling me with turmoil.

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Ok, if you’re real and this is a real question, the question you need to ask is:

what do YOU want? To remain Chaste? To get married? To date? To have physical/sexual intimacy?

It seems a little suspect that you would be 48 and asking this online.

I don’t doubt that her question is sincere. Her dilemma is a product of the sexual revolution.

I don’t really have a good reply to the OP’s problem. The sexual revolution made sex easier, but it made marriage harder, chastity harder, made relationships harder, divorce easier. It would be my guess that there are many others with the same complaint.

Let me put on my tin foil hat.

People who want to get married can’t get married, people who are married can’t stay married, and people who have no business getting married to each other, i.e., same sex couples, are getting married.

I smell a conspiracy.

Try Catholic Match. Members have to answer and post about their beliefs. One can find gentlemen willing to wait until marriage on that website.

Hang in there!

God will take care of you.

Also, if any of those scumbags walked away after being denied sex-imagine what jerks they’d have made later.

Thanks for your kind reply! That is what I’m looking for , just some encouragement to stay chaste and know I’m doing the right thing by believing God.

Let’s be rational for just a minute…

What you got from following the Church’s teaching has probably been to keep your self-respect in tact and to avoid a series of dubious relationships and other kinds of grief.

Why you have not met a genuine marriage candidate, and never married, is anyone’s guess.

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