hi what did chasubles look like in the 80’s early 90’s what type of fabric for chasubles and vestments was popular back then

I imagine it depends on location but here in southern California the Gothic chasubles were well established by at least the second half of the 1980s and on to the present. I can’t speak to the preferred fabrics, if there even were such preferences.

what did gothic chasubles look like back then where there any big manufactures back then

There’s no single answer.

Chasubles tend to last quite a while. Priests don’t just get new chasubles like men get new neckties, according to the latest fashion every year or so. They can last for decades.

Also, priests’ taste in vestments vary considerably. One priest might want the latest design, another priest wants something that looks exactly like what might have been worn 50 or 70 years ago.

If you give some reason for asking the question, that can help to narrow things.

Are you making a movie or making a costume for a play set in that time period?

Give more information, and maybe we can help you identify what a particular priest MIGHT have preferred at that time.

I can tell you that a fabric style called “coronation” was quite popular in that time period. So much so that it became a cliche in many ways. However, not everyone liked it (many couldn’t stand it).

Please understand that the question is simply too broad. There are just too many factors to consider.

Provide more context, and we can help to narrow things.

i am just looking for names of vestment manufactures that where around in the 80’s

Then do a google search.

Click on their pages and look for something that says “in business for 50 years” or “since 1874” You get the idea.


i have tried that no success

I don’t know what else to say.

You’ve been asking these questions for a few days now.

The question is just too general to have any answers.

There has to be some reason why you’re asking the questions. I’m trying to explain that if you give more information about what your actual goal might be, people might be able to help.

But asking people to just give a list of businesses that we might remember from 30 years ago won’t get you very much in the way of answers.

i am looking for the names of the companies to see if i can find photos or any other info on them

By and large we used vestments with a Gothic cut in the 80s and 90s.

Silk, for example, was prominent with chasubles from the years before – but in the 80s and 90s, one much more encountered synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, as they were easier to care for and clean.

As for examples of vestment manufacturers in that period:

United States: Almy
Italy: De Ritis
Belgium: Stadelmeier, which has a new name

could you give me more names of vestment manufactures from that time period

For which country?

canada and anywhere else you could think of

anywhere in europe

Your question is rather like a trip down Memory Lane as I think back across the decades.

Canada has been an interesting place because many vestments were manufactured by Religious in their convents, which is where I acquired several vestments. Of course that is true in the United States and in Europe, too. The Sisters did remarkable work and the funds they raised went to their Community so, as far as possible, I would try to go that route.

Maison Bouvrier opened sometime in the 90s in Toronto; I remember visiting them after they opened.

In France, Houssard was very renowned for their chasubles and I wore many of them over the years.

Solivari, in Bergamo, is another producer of chasubles that I have used over the years…but I can’t say how prominent they would have been in Canada or the United States.

Ars Sacra is another one I would run into frequently

In the United Kingdom, there was Hayes and Finch

In the United States, I remember Gaspard

I hope these help.

do you have any photos of your houssard vestments

No, I’m sorry. I don’t.

does anyone else know any vestment manufactures from that era

B. Broughton’s in Toronto opened in 1970. It’s a popular provider of all things liturgical, including vestments, and my parish orders from them often. If you’re doing research, you might have luck finding one of their early catalogs.

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