Chatham man, 85, fends off robber: ‘You’ve got to make a stand’

Chicago Sun-Times:

Chatham man, 85, fends off robber: ‘You’ve got to make a stand’

When in Chatham, don’t mess with Edward Alexander.
The guy is tough. Old school tough.
While Alexander was watering his front lawn at 82nd and Wabash Thursday, a would-be robber pointed a gun at the 85-year-old and told him to “give it up.” Alexander knocked away the pistol and punched the man in the face, hobbling the bad guy, who ran away — but not before the pistol went off and a bullet hit Alexander in the leg.
From his hospital bed Friday, the retired probation officer of 32 years says he has no regrets.

“You’ve got to make a stand one way or the other in life,” he said from his room at Advocate Trinity Hospital. “And if you don’t you’ll be run over.”
It happened in a flash.

“This gentleman comes around 81st Street, he said, ‘Give it up,’ and put a gun to my stomach,” said Alexander, who took a swipe at the man’s gun-wielding hand.
The bullet went clean through Alexander’s left leg at around the same time he landed a blow square in the robber’s jaw.

“He stumbled and went off running,” Alexander said, noting that he didn’t immediately realize he was shot. “That’s a thing you don’t have happen often. You can’t prepare for it.”

Don’t mess with old folks, they know they’re on borrowed time already.

You got that! :wink:

Way to go, sir! :thumbsup: He wasn’t gonna let that young punk get the better of him!

If everybody was like you!

My favourite line when confronted or targeted by young bullies is"don’t let the old head fool you".It gives them severe second thoughts and while they are mulling it over aim for the nose and pull the fist-trigger.My mama always told me to get the first punch in and it works.

That bullet would hurt real good, I imagine.

Real courage is so rare. I must admit, I don’t really envy the rich their problems.

But I do envy the courageous.

“You wanna kill me, sonny boy, that’s fine—but I’m taking you with me!”

That is ALL bullies understand as at their core they are cowards.

You’ve got to make a stand…

Just don’t shoot back at your would be killers, if you end up killing them the government slaps some cuffs on you and leaves you to rot in a cell.

Trial by jury-they NEVER convict if it is clear cut self defense.That is what happens here in Canada.NEVER go to trial by judge alone.

My father was a skinny little guy-136 pounds soaking wet and the toughest most gentle man I have ever met.He would not physically discipline his four sons-left that up to The Enforcer-my mother,Audrey or Oddry as we referred to her.She was a fierce Irish Catholic who poured the Faith into our noggins.
Anyone who threatened,maligned or hurt his family met a literal Human Buzz Saw.We ALL learned the fundamentals of boxing and self-defense from him(and Oddy)and we are eternally grateful as are our sons and daughters.

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