Chavez rails against Catholic leaders over criticism of law eroding opponents' authority,0,6972664.story

President Hugo Chavez railed against Venezuela’s Roman Catholic leaders on Tuesday for condemning a law that has weakened his political opponents.

Chavez took issue with the Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference for accusing him of sidelining adversaries with a new law that let him take control of airports and seaports previously under the administration of opposition politicians.

“This group of bishops is shameless,” Chavez told state television from China, where he is wrapping up a tour that also included visits to Japan, Iran and Qatar. “They side with all those who attack the government.”

Quoting the Bible, Chavez added: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

It’s interesting how the errors of Communism (oh I’m sorry, “socialism”) are always coupled with a crackdown on the Catholic (or Orthodox) Church.

USSR, China, Cuba, now Venezuela…

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