Chaz Bono....a man now?

So the media says. :eek::shrug::confused:

I honestly don’t get it. I don’t understand a lot of what the media tries to peddle these days. The best we can do is pray for Chaz Bono and let God do the rest.

Who he???

Chastity Bono is Chaz Bono now…She got a sex change and is now a “man”…She’s the daughter of Cher or the son of Cher now…:confused:

Cher and Sonny Bono’s daughter Chastity. (oh the irony of that name).

I’ll bet the conservative Sonny is rolling in his grave over this one.
How sad.
I really feel for “her” mother who said she always wanted “a girly girl” for a daughter.

I thought the headlines were ridiculous too. “She” is not a man, she is a female with mutilated genitals. There is more to being a man than outward appearances. So sad.

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