cheap grace.


HELLO brothers and sister.
there is 2 things i would like to consult.
and i do not know what tittle should i put.
1st: how can i find out the catholic rules and the laws i don’t know what can i phase it but you guys know what i mean uh.
i don’t have any exposure about catholic as i never ever enter 1 before.
cos i have friends who are catholics and know nothing about it so i decided to come to this forum and seek all my questions hopefully it will be answered. and i know it will be
the catholic church has a rich history because Christianity started from the catholic church but i believe there is nothing wrong from whatever denomination you are in because we are all planned by this wonderful almighty TRUE God that never fail to listen and answer our prayers. :thumbsup:

2nd: i have friends who only go church on Sunday and weekdays he is a devil (smoking clubbing lust girls etc)and weekend transformed to become a friend is a catholic but he believe he will 100% enter heaven but i don’t agree on it. as i believe in the bible but not on any laws. it is like saying i believe in GOD and continue sinning but not wanting to repent . we are all human and of cos we do sin that’s why Jesus died for all men.
he didn’t die for nothing he die for u and me.
but he do not want to repent and never. but he goes to church weekly.
when i ask him"brother from the life u are living it is not right and not God will want us to live this kind of life God want us to be like him to live and think like him" he say "we believe in different doctrine but we believe in the 1 and only God and 1 and only JESUS CHRIST who die for all humans…
we may have different doctrine but we got to remember we serve the same 1 and only God.
so do he enter heaven?
from my point and my church (pentecostal church)point of view this guy will rot in hell because he know Jesus can wash away our sin but he choose not to repent and if he repent there’s no point of doing it.
because he won’t stopping doing it. he don’t try to correct it.
don’t change.
and Jesus say there’s a limit to the grace he give. u can’t be sinning all yr life the same old sin.
altought God’s grace has no limit.
and u know God but choose not to truly follow wholeheartedly.
and JESUS say “do what i say if u say u love me”. “follow me”

do you brothers and sisters get what i mean.
God can forgive. but God’s grace is not for you to take advantage and treat it as a license to sin.
not cheap grace,
we do not practice cheap grace and think it is a NO WAY to treat grace cheaply it’s like treating God cheaply.
you are saying that JESUS die cheaply.

i know this guy’s way is not the way of the catholic church teaches but what will be the outcome on him.
my point of view, hell if he don’t change.

with love.:cool:


Hmm. I don’t want to overwhelm you with stuff, so I’ll present some links, starting with the simplest:

An Intro to the Catholic faith

The Catechism of the Catholic Church:yup:

The Code of Canon Law

2nd: i have friends who only go church on Sunday and weekdays he is a devil (smoking clubbing lust girls etc)and weekend transformed to become a friend is a catholic but he believe he will 100% enter heaven

Encourage him to repent and seek holiness, but it does not really accomplish anything to try to predict his eternal outcome.

I know you may live in a place where language may pose a barrier, but your friend may find it interesting to visit and the Catholic Answers Forums. :thumbsup:


What your friend is committing is called the sin of presumption:

From the Catechism:

**2092 **There are two kinds of presumption. Either man presumes upon his own capacities, (hoping to be able to save himself without help from on high), or he presumes upon God’s almighty power or his mercy (hoping to obtain his forgiveness without conversion and glory without merit).

One thing the Church teaches is that when we confess our sins, we have to have no intention of committing that sin again, otherwise we will not be forgiven. We have to truly repent of our sins (not intend to do them again, even if in our weakness we wind up doing them again) to be forgiven and receive God’s mercy and grace. Sadly, many Catholics (as well as other Christians) prefer to believe only what they like and ignore what they don’t.


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