Cheap, nice Catholic statues?


Anyone have a nice source for decent quality Catholic statuary? In the 1-foot to 3-foot range, optimally


TONS on ebay and shopping sites. Or in Catholic supply stores if you have any near you. Or try you local Mexican supermarket. They often have statues and other religious supplies for sale.


Ooh never thought of this- thanks!


Cheap, nice, and new don’t really go together. You might have more success with older statues. Try garage sales or thrift stores.


I never said new, and I’m more than willing to take cheap over quality haha


1-3ft. range? Cheap? Ha! :laughing:


These all look to be nearly life-size haha


I used to go to the one near my hospital in Chicago, and they had half an isle with religious goods. Some were good quality, too. And a lot cheaper than elsewhere. In fact, that’s why I used to go to the Mexican, Asian and African supermarkets in the first place. Twice the food for half the money than in the “Anglo” supermarkets, and often better quality and variety. Plus it’s great fun to try food from all over the world.

Go check it out. Even if yours doesn’t have statues, you’ll still have a fun and interesting time!


I paid over $100 for an old statue on Ebay - thumbs were missing (I knew that). Couldn’t afford the others. I like the ones that are chalkware rather than resin.


Cheap is a relative term. I often find very cheap statues and religious articles at antique stores.
Here’s Leaflet’s pages with statues, ranging from $11.00 or so to many thousands:


Also a good place for white-elephant Christmas gifts haha


Every year for the last 25 years, my go to Christmas gift for coworkers and acquaintances has been Mexican hot chocolate. It comes as hockey puck sized pieces that come in a cute little yellow hexagonal box. No wrapping needed, and it’s not perishable!

You break off how much you need and drop it in hot milk, and you have a great cup of hot chocolate!

Remember that for future reference.


Oh, and it costs only two bucks and looks like it costs more. More bang for the buck!


Etsy might be worth a shot.


Ebay is looking promising. Thanks all!


Finding a statue of JPII that looks like him and not just any other Pope is kinda difficult…


I found a small plastic statue of a particular saintly Pope which I imagine is not easy to come across. It was $5 in an otherwise junk shop and needed a bit of cleaning up. I got lucky and the statue ended up where it belongs.

I would love to find a source for nicer quality stone statues of decent price.


Try Etsy. Lots of statues there.


Carve your own?


Prices are often reasonable on Autom.

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