Cheap Vestments!

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Catholic Liturgicals has some ridiculously cheap vestments ($100-150 for a nice fiddleback, $30 for a surplice with a foot of lace).

It seems too good to be true, but a priest friend just got one of these, and I have to say, they are made really well. They are really quite nice. I really don’t know how they do it (they’re in India, so maybe that’s part of it), but I guess it’s for real. If you dig around, they also have some nice dalmatics and other things (chalice veils, burses, copes, and really nice stoles.

I’ll let you know how about my surplice when it arrives. I’ll just post in this thread again.

So… if you are looking for some nice vestments, but have a limited budget, definitely check them out.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Catholic Liturgicals, I just want to help out people who would like some different options, considering roman vestments in america are usually $400 or more.

Thank you!!! I will be ordering some for my friend’s birthday!!!

Regarding India, it’s the same when an individual buys a good, tailored suit in Thailand. Overall, costs are quite low, but the products are as good as can be found in the U.S. or Europe.

Btw, the chusables come with the veil, burse, stole and maniple!

It’s great to find beautiful cheap vestments but have you considered that the reason they’re cheap is because of unfair or unethical labor practices?

I was thinking the same thing.

Some of those countries also have much lower taxes on businesses, so they can afford to keep prices low while still making a profit. It could be slave labor. It may be instead a ministry of love. I don’t really know, but I am very familiar with Catholic Liturgicals vestments. They are easily of the same quality as European and American traditional vestments costing hundreds of dollars more. Look at the inflated pricing in a typical American religious goods catalog if you want to see injustice. $80 will buy you the same set of glass cruets that Walmart sells for $5.

Something I also heard from someone is that they are cheaper because they don’t need to import the materials, which saves them big time.

Silver Thurible + silver boat = $ 64.98


Price of silver: US$34 per ounce.

These may perhaps be electroplated in a small amount of silver.

Yes, of course… Steel is the more common and durable metal…

I just got my surplice today. It rocks!!!

Very nice! Too bad I don’t see them selling cassocks. Question, can a permanent deacon wear a dalmatic like the ones they sell on that site, while serving the OF? If they can I think I just fount a gift for a good friend that I know. I just fear that the priest might not like it because they would not “blend” in with each other, the priest uses simple cheap garment that look like they are form the 70s.

Yeah! I would love it if they made cassocks! They would probably only be 50 bucks!
Yes, any deacon may wear a dalmatic. Actually, there is a good case that they should be wearing them much of the time, especially if they have them. Well… if you really want, you could buy the priest a chasuble to match!

Redemptionis Sacramentum:

[125.] The proper vestment of the Deacon is the dalmatic, to be worn over an alb and stole. In order that the beautiful tradition of the Church may be preserved, it is praiseworthy to refrain from exercising the option of omitting the dalmatic. [In English: It is good to wear the dalmatic. You should do it. :D]

Well, I came across the following company on a facebook group dedicated to clerical attire, such as the cassock:

The only still valid rubrical changes to vesture between 1962 and now that I’m aware of:
1: The maniple is no longer normative (it’s still permitted)
2: The Amice and Cincture are now optional if the cut and fit of the alb are sufficient.
3: Certain regional aboriginal adaptations have been granted in limited areas (Including Alaska)
4: Instituted Acolytes may vest as subdeacons (since 1965)
5: The biretta is now optional.
6: leather shoes are not required; shoes are not required when it violates local traditions of respect (Japan, india) as noted by their episcopal conferences. Black leather shoes are still normative where it doesn’t violate local traditions of respect.

I’ve seen fiddlebacks worn for folk masses, and seen photos of ample full circle chasubles worn before VII (With maniple).

The primary difference between the old fiddleback-style dalmatics and my Dad’s dalmatics is not cut (his pattern was taken from a 1932 dalmatic used at Holy Family Cathedral), but in the lack of an orphrey and decorations… his are plain fabric, often very nice fabric, with matching stoles and minimal decoration. They are to both his taste, and that of most of the pastors he’s served with, and also to the tastes of the bishop who ordained him. Simple, rugged, washable vestments.

My personal favorite is his dusty rose for Gaudate and Laetarae sundays… moire upholstery silk. It’s VERY tough. It was a 3 yd endlot on sale for under $10 a yard (down from $40, back in 1982). I helped make that set.

Wow I love thier surplice selection!

Me too! Not quite as much lace as my tastes would like, but then again, I like a LOT of lace on my surplice. :slight_smile:

Very great shame about their lack of soutanes. My current soutane is a very high quality make (given to me as a gift by my Novus Ordo parish priest when I began serving at the EF) but it’s very heavy and very warm (I honestly did not expect the altar to be so warm when the pews are down-right Arctic). And many of the soutanes I’ve seen on line are simply too expensive. But I might consider picking up a surplice from there. I am currently using a surplice from the church’s sacristy and would like my own and I am in the market for lace (I really like a little lace :D!).

Another shame is the lack of vestments with blue accents. If I am ever going to get blue introduced universally as a legitimate liturgical colour for Marian feasts in the Latin West then I need to start slow by promoting blue accents amongst the clergy :p!

Edit: I spoke too soon! I’ve just found another site with very cheap soutanes (these are specifically for altar servers and they’re priced by the Euro). They even have Marian vestments :D!

It was nice of you to share this information. I just wish that you had titled your thread “Affordable Vestments”. Cheap Vestments! sounds so…well, cheap.

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