Cheating on income taxes

I’m sure a high percentage of tax papers take liberties with deductions. Sure, we must render to “Ceaser” but is it immoral to withhold some taxes that from the IRS due to crafty accounting?

It is not wrong to do one’s taxes honestly and take all the legitimate deductions to which we are entitled by virtue of the tax code. The deductions exist by law and are not wrong to take when they apply to you.

It is wrong to fraudulently claim deductions to which one is not entitled or otherwise lie, cheat, or defraud the government by misrepresenting income, taking deductions or claiming expenses one did not incur, etc.

Of course in many cases there is room for interpretation. Is such and such really a legitimate deduction for you? There may be various opinions in some grey areas. For example, in Canada if your employer provides your room and board this can be considered a “taxable benefit” - meaning that you pay income tax on the cost of the apartment, etc. that your employer is providing…that being said, if the accommodations provided by your employer is not your “primary residence” and simply a place you stay at when “on business”, you would not have to pay taxes on it. This could be a grey area in some cases. My employer rented me an apartment in Toronto where I stayed the majority of the time in 2013 - but I did not consider it my primary residence (which is in BC), and I was only there when required to be so for business…so I did not pay tax on it. Others may argue that it became my primary residence by virtue of the fact that I spent the majority of my time there in that particular tax year.

God often tests us using the temptations of Satan. I very often fail the test.

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I know we are supposed to give to Caesar what is his, but what happens when ‘Caesar’, or in our times, the Govt/IRS is just creating laws, regulations for revenue sake?

Look at how many times we are taxed for a single vehicle…we pay the sales tax, fuel tax, tax/fees to license it, tax/fees on the insurance we are REQUIRED to have, taxes for the city we live in for the vehicle, taxes on parts to fix it, etc. GEEZ, how many things can they come up with concerning one item to tax us for? LOL

I think over the years the govt has grown smart and sneaky and create new laws and regulations purely to get more money out of us, sad thing is, most people dont even question them, they just ask how much and write the check!! we dont see people banding together to fight something, or sticking together and refusing to pay something, etc. Its a strange world we live in today!

back in biblical time, tax collectors were hated by everyone, and they knew it, they had to be careful wherever they went, but today, I never hear anyone speak negatively about tax collectors…?? They are just as respected as any other professional…?? what happened?

Given the way that your posting is worded I am going to say yes it is immoral to use “crafty accounting” to withhold some taxes from the Government.

I say this because I assume that “crafty accounting” means a bit more than simply skirting the edge of what might be legitimate.
If you mean something different - well then my answer might be different.

Frankly - I don’t mind paying my taxes. I have benefited greatly from taxes in a number of ways. Road repair is one…Police and Fire protection is another…When my wife was still able to get around we took advantage of tax supported senior services.
Of course there are things I’m not happy about that my tax money is used for…but I make my self known at the polls on such matters.

Naturally - I’d like to see my tax bill be lower but If I am going to err in the matters of income tax…I’d rather pay a bit more than a bit less. I sleep better at night.


Please think about this: when you sign your tax document you are swearing under penalty of perjury that the information you are giving to the IRS is, to the best of your current knowledge, correct. If you know that you are “fudging”, then you are not only committing the sins of lying and stealing, but you are also committing the sins of perjury and swearing a false oath, which are both grave matter. My advice: don’t do it.

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