Cheating on Test

Hi, so I am taking an online class for college this summer, and the teacher originally had it so we couldn’t use anything to take the test, but I guess the software that he was planning to use to record us taking the tests to make sure we weren’t cheating was too complicated, so now he’s letting us use whatever we want to take the test. The thing is, a lot of the specific answers to the specific questions on the tests are online (yahoo answers, etc.), so if I used that, would that be considered cheating?

Why don’t you just study?


Also, I’ve been on yahoo answers, you’ll probably fail if you use anything off of that.


If I understand your post to be accurate, the prof said to use anything you want. So, use anything you want! Sounds pretty clear to me.

Cheating would be to violate the professors instructions as what is or is not permissible. Violate those instructions and you would have a problem. You don’t here.

It depends on what the “anything” refers to. I feel like we need more context here.

NO! He reset the boundary conditions! You aren’t cheating. I wish my students would actually use the internet when I tell them they can. Most are too lazy.

First, you may be right. But then again, he said anything. Don’t overthink it.

Maybe the poster might ask the prof what he means by anything. Then again …

Yeah, come to think of it, this is the obvious answer. I’ve been a TA, frankly being asked pretty much anything would be great.

I’d still advise against using Yahoo Answers though. I wouldn’t trust that place to give you directions to boil water accurately.


If you want to have a sure answer, just email your professor and ask him if it’s okay to look the answers up on yahoo.

Ask the prof. Until you get the okay, steer clear of Yahoo. Morally it’s ambiguous, practically it’s unwise (Yahoo Answers is not known for its accuracy), and on a purely functional level it’s not worth the trouble: after all, if you DO use the answers and then find out that it’s not okay, at the very least you’ll have to retake the test and do all the work over anyway, and at the worst he might just automatically fail the assignment.

Just in my experience, “anything you want” usually means anything not electronic (unless your lecture notes are on a website or you use an ebook).

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