Cheating workplace

hi people need help with something else.

i work in a supermarket and in the deli and a lady asked for chicken breast fillets and there was a few tenderloins in the same tray. tenderloins are the back of the breast that little piece they cut it off and sell it seperate. i first thought it came of the actual brest fillets and after i placed it in the bag i saw the tenderloins bowl beside the breast fillets. i didn’t know what i was going to do i just gave it to her and that is it. i later felt bad. that maybe i have just cheated the company i work for.

there was maybe 4 small pieces of them which maybe added up to $1:00 mixed in with the fillets. Would this be considered a mortal sin or he this light matter and only be a vinal sin. can anyone help. I am a bit surples when it comes to sins and i feel at peice using this forum. Alot of people are so helpful here.

Sounds like an honest mistake to me, not a sin. Don’t worry about it.

Don`t worry, No mortal sin there

My sister worked for a supermarket in the deli, they always had the lunchmeats precut to sell, She was told to mix the old lunchmeat in with the fresh & she refused to do it, she thought it was wrong, she lost that job

but if i had a chance to say to the customer sorry but it is seperate to the fillets and i decided not to say anything and just give it to her then is that grave. I didn’t say nothing because the custumer could of made the situation bigger then what it would of been and i hate customers getting angry, complaining for no reason.

I could of simply said sorry it belongs to the other try and could of taken them out but i didn’t. does that change anything.

Any retailer who knows his business will tell you that it is best to resolve errors in favor of the customer. You did the right thing in not correcting your mistake.

A question for you - was this chicken weighed after you put it in the bag? If it was, then she didn’t get the tenders for free - she got them at the fillet price. And whether or not she paid for them, if their value was only a dollar or so, there’s no way this is grave matter. And since it was a mistake, not a sin at all, even venial.

Since you tend to be scrupulous, it would be a very good idea to bring up this struggle (scrupulosity) with the priest in Confession. He will be able to help you form your conscience so that you don’t suffer so much over questions like this one.


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