Chechen leader says Islamic State on western secret services’ payroll


They have enjoyed support from the Western secret services all along, which are providing them will all essentials. Where do these bandits take money for aircraft and for tens of thousands of sets of full combat gear? Certainly, they are being helped by high-placed people,” Kadyrov said. He urged the ISIL chief to recognize he works for the US intelligence. (Abu Bakr) al-Baghdadi should take off his mask and declare loudly and clearly that he is a CIA agent, that he has been recruited.


Yikes! Kadyrov? He turned on his own people and has become a Russian FSB stooge; a Putin supporter in suppressing his own.

So, as one who is on the Putin payroll he opines that ISIS is on the CIA payroll? Maybe that plays well in Russia, but nobody else will, or ought to, believe it.


I saw a news article that said ISIS came out with a video where one of the ISIS commanders was saying that the US gave them their military equipment.


CIA banKrolling the Islamic State has as much credibility as Jews being behind 911.

Those kind of conspiracy theories play to a certain audience that are predisposed to seeing the world\s evil as being the work of the one country that has done more good in the world in the world than any other.


Tass reported this? That’s a blast from the past.

Maybe we can see what Pravda and Radio Habana say too.


Russia has never been able to emerge from its sordid past. Democracy and civil society were possible in the heady days after the fall of the wall. That has become a distant memory, and only those among us with the most leftist ideologies can any longer see anything good coming from Russia any time soon.


I don’t see Russia as bad. I see invading a country or encouraging and fomenting rebellion in a neighboring country that lived under Soviet Rule, behind the Iron Curtain for 60, 70 years as wrong and that is bad.

There have been statements that people don’t like Russia, I don’t like this deed. Yes, I can find deplorable things the USSR, USA, Russia and so on have done. We may have fouled up in Libya, we were trying to do the correct thing in Iraq and a short time after we went there, Al Qaeda showed up in full-force. I guess if one is over there, it’s a continual fight and has been.


Could it be propaganda intended to counter the widespread accusations against the Kremlin that Russia is behind the Ukrainian ‘civil war’? Now the Russian-controlled newspapers can run this in response to accusations of their own corruption.


I can’t read the Kremlin any more than anyone else can, but I can see some disinformation benefits to it:
-Since Russia backs Assad and Iran, both terrorist states, accusing America of being behind ISIS makes it seem massively geopolitical rather than the sordid allying with villains that it really is.
-Using this traitor to his people for the message gives it a thin veneer of ethnic credibility; much as Lenin put Stalin in charge of “Nationalities”.
-Not least, it presents another way to fool a people (Russians) who are being fed a twisted nationalism instead of prosperity. The Soviets did this incessantly. As Putin may have designs to spend the peoples’ money and possibly their childrens’ lives on further foreign adventures, this gives him a certain amount of cover for doing it.


Well the U.S has been funding a lot of terror groups in the middle east. McCain even met with al-Baghdadi. And compared him and his fellow ISIS members to the founding fathers of the U.S. So, i wouldn’t put anything past the cia.


The McCain/Baghdadi allegation is a falsehood. Even the New York Times, no friend of McCain’s, acknowledges it.

Whether the group McCain advocated have ISIS connections is unknown. It’s possible that some of the early members of the FSA have gone over to ISIS and perhaps always were ISIS or Al Quaeda-like. But to say that McCain supports the ISIS we now know is a total falsehood.

People should be careful about passing on junk news like this because it can lead to unwarranted cynicism and give support to bizarre conspiracy theories. In thus undercutting one’s own nation, one gives support and comfort to the enemy.


It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory but I wouldn’t past the CIA. The US seems intent on weakening Russia. ISIS together with other Syrian rebels were an effective fighting force against the Assad regime. If Assad(an ally of Russia) was replaced by a government friendly to the US a pipeline could be constructed from Saudi Arabia through Syria and Turkey into Europe. This would certainly reduce Russia’s leverage in Europe. ISIS may have gotten out of control.


Pat Buchanan would not agree with you and he’s hardly a leftist.


When was the last bomb dropped on ISIS? It seems like the effort to stop ISIS by Obama could pass as less than a half hearted effort. Abu al-Baghdudi, from what I understand, was also a prisoner of the US at one point, then they released him. Then no ground troops? How many US tanks and guns did Obama allow them to steal from Iraq! :eek: :mad: ISIS could end up being the group that holds the worlds oil hostage… Then we’d be forced to cut down on co2. It’s a top priority for the left after all.

…let’s just wait and see how long America allows ISIS to carry on.


Correct to this point.


Are you saying those photos of McCain and al-Baghdadi are photoshopped?
You do know who al-Baghdadi is don’t you?


Pat Buchanan is not a leftist.
If he can see anything good coming from Russia any time soon, he is only deluding himself, and anyone who still listens to him.


We must stand by our friends while the Islamic army of Russia attacks a Christian nation like Ukraine.


Since those US strikes didn’t seem to slow down the advance of ISIS some have been speculating that the US was striking empty warehouse buildings because ISIS had been tipped off by Saudi Arabia, which the US has partnered with, and the US-backed so-called “moderate” Sunni anti-Assad fighters.


Why “must” we? And who are these friends?

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