Check his phone bill?


My boyfriend of two years said he just wants to be friends. I suspect there may be someone else.
Would it be wrong to go online and check his personal cell phone bill to see who has been calling/called. I do know his personal information to be able to access it without his knowledge.


Unless you are paying for the phone, it would be 100% wrong and maybe illegal.

Do not do this, you will regret it.

Move on and pray.


Let us assume for a moment that is morally and legally fine to check his phone bill. What are you going to do if you find that he has some other interest? Even if that situation were true he has been reasonably honest by saying that he just want to be friends. When you call him a boyfriend I assume that he has not proposed any marriage and so he should feel free to consider other people for dates.


yes you have absolutely no right to any of his personal financial information, nor should you be sharing finances if you are not married. if he has broken it off, say sayonara and move on. He owes you nothing, and if he has moved on to another relationship, you have no claim on him, as you are not marrie dor even engaged.


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Assuming he has someone else. If you check without his knowledge, then how different you are from him? After all, each one does something behind the other.

I think you are very tempted to find out on your own, but don’t do this. The truth will be in daylight but for now you need to pray a lot for yourself to be honest, forgiving and to be able to move on.

God bless.


If you have these suspicions, why bother checking? Obviously he isn’t trustworthy enough to be considered innocent, so why bother wasting your time? He wants to end it, so let him.


Move on…not worth getting in trouble. If indeed he doesn’t have anyone and just decided to cool things, what would you gain by looking at his PRIVATE information? Would you want someone doing that to you??



Don’t look. If you would like to know if there was someone else, then you’re better off just asking him. If he doesn’t want you then you shouldn’t try to make him stay. You will find the one God has meant for you in someone else.


Calm down peeps…she hasn’t done it yet. lol Kathy–you make me laaauuugh!:smiley:

I would not do this, no, cakmke. Reason is…he is not your husband. He has no binding ties to you…and if you can’t trust someone, your relationship will have a hard time moving forward. I would pray about it, that God will help you to heal. I’m sorry that he has broken things off though–break ups are sad. :frowning: I will say a prayer for you too. But, be prepared…he may walk back into your life after a few weeks…


Didn’'t realize what I wrote…:rolleyes: :rotfl: about the private stuff huh??:wink:


yes, you always make me laugh, young lady.


Don’t do it. This relationship is history and the less you know, the less the break up will hurt. Ignorance is bliss.


Another vote for leaving the info alone. Let him go. If you did look and find out, what would you do? Say, “So you’re dating Lady Jane?” Then he would know you went into his info. Then you’re in trouble. And then he spends the rest of his life telling everyone you are a psycho and he was justified leaving you.

Keep your dignity intact. Let him go and spend his life wondering if he made a huge mistake.

He may not be trustworthy, but if you go into his private account, you are proving you aren’t either.


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