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I love singing, hope to sing for a career, and one way to get my voice heard by people is by posting videos on YouTube. My Catholic Faith is really important to me, so I’d especially appreciate the support of my brothers and sisters in the faith.

This is the web address:

Oh, and just to assure you guys, I’m not just posting this out of the blue…I do have another name on here and have contributed to some pretty deep conversations on the forums, but for the sake of anonymity I’m using a different screenname for this kind of thing; I haven’t said anything heretical or horrible, lol, I’ve just lost my cool a few times in the heat of debate and prefer to keep anonymity for that reason.

If you decide to give it a look, then please know that I appreciate it very much.

God bless all of you!

-J. T. Pauley

Listen, that video was too long, I thought it would be of you singing.
You have a beautiful SPEAKING voice and a nice accent.
If you sing as well as you speak than you have a shot.
Please post a video of you singing then I’ll let you know what I think.
My first instinct is that you should go on American Idol just for the experience.
I think it would be fun and if you get famous you can get a good
lawyer to get you out of the contract.
My second thought was that you should go to the Daughters of Saint Paul, they know all about media.
My third thought was that if you made a CD of the old Catholic Hymns that I bet a lot of folks would buy it. I know that I would.

Ohh! I should’ve been sure to mention…there are videos of me singing at that site. But you’ve gotta click on em under videos. That was just the latest video I’ve posted, which happens to be a vlog (video log, sorta like a blog).

Soo, everyone be sure to click on the other videos, below the big one, to hear the singing.

Oh, and thanks, Molly, for the very nice compliments on my speaking voice!

Hope this clears things up! Thanks!

P.S. I think the vlog is pretty standard length for a lotta vlogs. :slight_smile:

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