Check out this link for the "John Michael Talbot movie" starring Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris in the John Michael Talbot Action Story. No more Mr. Christian Music Man. The Pope is arrested by Hitchens and Dawkins and Talbot takes note, throws harmony out the window and sets out to settle that score.

I tried the link, but all I saw was a picture of JMT. I was interested as I saw him in Cincinnati in concert on a fund raising tour for money to rebuild parts of the Little Portion Monastery which burned up in a fire. This was shortly before I moved to Arkansas, just about two hours drive from that Monastery. Last Sunday, our Bishop visited our parish to confirm several students, then was off to dedicate the new church at Little Portion which was recently completed. If there is another way I can view this information, please tell me how. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I hope there’s a scene where he kicks Seth MacFarlane’s posterior all the way back to Rhode Island! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you got that it was fake. JMT and Chuck both had bangs and fairly short beards at one time, but Chuck had hair higher up on his cheeks.

Who’s Seth McFarlane? I can’t remember all of the scoundrels’ names.

Got me!!! What a hoot!

Sorry, Sherry. I must have scrolled too fast and missed your last reply. The two, at one time, looked fairly similar and I probably thought of MadTV’s skit “The Greatest Action Story Ever Told”, which had Arnold as the terminator from the second movie shooting Judas to save Jesus, and again even after Jesus heals him. Maybe I shouldn’t find that funny, but I wasn’t devout then. There was also Weird Al’s Gandhi as a Rambo-like character daydreaming scene in his UHF movie (no more “Mr Passive Resistance”). LOL

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