Check out this World of Warcraft player -- pacifist leveling

I noticed that there are a decent number of WoW players here – thought y’all might enjoy this article. I thought this was a very cool idea – though he must have a lot of time and patience to do this.

Mmmm…well I suppose that he could concentrate on just the quest. (I kill a lot of animals to go up quickly) The problem is that some of the quest require you to kill animals. So, I am confused how he could do the quest without killing something.

Also, you have to wander around a bit. How would you prevent animals from attacking you? The spiders on the game like to chase me down. SOmetimes more then one spider at a time join in. You can occasionally out run the animals but not always. Does the character just let himself die in this situation? Granted resurrection is an easy but annoying process in the game. You don’t get any experience points from death either. So, no leveling up that way.

It would be interesting if he could do this, but I don’t see how.

Murlocks! Don’t forget the murlocks… OOOO I hate them.

Best part of having rolled a druid main - no murlocs in the starting zone.
Worst part of having rolled a druid - everything else.

But murlocs… ugh. It’s the gurgle.

Even if the Murlocks are way below you in level, because they all jump on you at one time, they can really do damage. OW!:stuck_out_tongue:

Really, I don’t see how to be a pacifist on WOW unless you get a non pacifist to join you in a group. They could help defend you but that would take away the whole reason for being a pacifist in the first place, wouldn’t it?

My hubby and I have two computers so we can both play WOW at the same time.

One day my friend was visiting with me when my hubby called from work. He was asking me questions about our playing together when he got home. But all my friend heard was me answer, “Yes, we can walk along the beach.”

After we got off the phone she asked if my hubby and I were going on a romantic vacation.

Um…no, we were discussing places to kill Murlocks for a quest in Westfall:o Pretty embarrassing admitting that you and your hubby are such nerds that WOW is a date night.

Oh, I agree… You couldn’t get past the first level and be a pacifist.

ON the WOW site they have a fake rock song and video for Murlocs set to the tune of Ironman. :rolleyes: .

**NOOOOOOOOOOOO! **Now they’ll NEVER go away. :crying:

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