Check out what's potentially happening to our brains, YIKES!


I read somewhere that cell phone use or anything wireless can be VERY dangerous to our brains…and even worse on children’s brains because of their thin skulls. Can’t say I was very convinced until I watched this:bigyikes: :bigyikes: :bigyikes:!!! Maybe we ought to think twice about trading in our land lines for cell phones:ehh: :hmmm:.


We don’t have cell phones, and that little video reminds me of some of the reasons why. :wink:


Acting: decent. :rolleyes:


What a bunch of you know what. Oh, and if cell phones are dangerous I have faith that God will protect me from the harmful results.


Do you even know how popcorn pops?


Yep, sure do… I was referring to the silly idea of 3 adults sitting around filming their cell phones “popping” corn. I think cell phones are silly. :smiley:


I get what webrams is saying.

Here are some links that will help answer the question:

Logically, how many phones does one hold to one’s head in conversation? One. How many cell phones does it allegedly take to pop corn? Three. It’s kind of like a bad ethnic joke.


i don’t get what they did. they put down three phones, and then called them with three other phones? or were the phones on the table calling each other? we have four cell phones in our household. maybe i can try it…


I work in an industry that builds components that go into cell phones.
Yes, I’m extremely concerned about the potential for health concerns due to the electromagnetic waves that are emitted at high power levels.
Am I going to throw away my phone?.. no, not yet.

There are ways to take precautions… like using a (wired) hands-free earpiece (the wireless bluetooth ones are still transmitting radio waves next to your brain)… and not carrying your cell phone in your pocket 24/7 (which has been shown to decrease sperm mobility in men… if you’re trying to conceive keep this in mind!)…

I think a lot more studies need to be conducted.

However, to explain the video… having 3 cell phones receive full power simultaneously near your brain is unlikely. The power emitted by standing next to a microwave oven is probably similar… and while that’s not the safest thing to do on a regular basis, the additive effect of even short periods of exposure hasn’t been too detrimental to human health.

You’re right… I agree that more studies need to be conducted, and we need to take precautions…
But the video certainly doesn’t surprise me or scare me…


Thanks for posting Em:), I was getting the feeling that this was being taken as a joke. Even if the video is fake, I’ve read enough to know that we need to be careful because of the electromagnetic waves that are everywhere, not just cell phones…just think about all the wireless stuff that’s out there and available to us and my main concern is children and their thin skulls.

Everyone is free to believe(or not) what they want, but I’m sure there are some people who appreciate being made aware of these potential dangers and can do further research if they’d like. I’ve read of people who believe heavy cell phone use was the cause of their family members brain tumors/cancer which resulted in death:(.


Exactly! This is why I did the research on the links that show how a cell phone works, how a microwave works, and how popcorn pops.

I did not for one minute think you were trying to be funny, or that you were being somehow less than helpful. I did, however, say that it would be unlikely you would use three cell phones at once, prior to EM_in_FL. I also did the research for the links, so people can see what’s going on.

It took THREE cell phones to make the popcorn pop. my reference in “bad ethnic joke” was the oldie, “How many (insert ethnic name or bsuiness group here) does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Answer: Three- One to hold the lightbulb and two to turn the ladder. Same thing. “How many cell phones does it take to pop popcorn?” Apparently, it takes three people with nothing better to do than drink orange juice (what was in it BTW) and pop popcorn with cell phones.


I don’t believe they’re safe, a necessary evil if I may say so, I use mine sparsely because of my business.

My ex boss in the electronic trade didn’t buy into my concerns about mobile (cell) phones.

We were doing a house call and trying to locate the fault with a TV.

His cell rang, and the TV went completely blank, no button could be pressed that would have had an affect on it, no changing channels etc;

As soon as he hung up, the TV recovered, he looked at me and said “these things can’t be good.”

I did hear of a bunch of students cracking an egg just like the popcorn video, and it cooked.

Anyway I don’t care for cell phones, as for microwave ovens, well they’re protected by a grill.

The microwaves are 12 cm long in a microwave oven, but they can’t get through the protective grill, and a good job too as they’re far more powerful than a cell phone.

I have heard of someone having their liver damaged by a leaking door seal on a microwave oven, I only use mine to heat things, and would never cook a full dinner because I think they destroy the flavour of the food.

Sausages are still white when they’re supposed to be cooked, hence the grill they put in them.

You can put a neon light in a microwave oven, switch it on and it will light, those little lights that you see on kettles or irons.

But only for 2 secs, as they will explode after they light if you leave them too long, or a fluorescent tube.

As for my phone, I usually put it on speaker and keep it as far from my head as possible, because I have studied electronics and I simply don’t believe those so-called independent tests, because money talks, money corrupts.


Thanks OutinChgoburbs, I didn’t think your post made light of what I posted and thanks for the links, they were very helpful:thumbsup:.

I just feel, sometimes, that when bringing up a legitimate concern that may be perceived as “counter-cultural” you get people who just want to dismiss it…dismiss me, that’s fine, but not the issue/problem.

Just because I posted this and truly believe there could be potential dangers doesn’t mean I’m throwing out my phones, I have two cell phones…personal and business. It does mean,however, that I will be more careful, use them less often and try very hard to keep my little one from using or playing with them.


Ever wonder why you’re not supposed to use your cell phone while pumping gas? They have signs at all the gas stations I’ve been to…I think it’s because of those electromagnetic waves…they could start a fire:eek:, maybe even blow up your car…now I’m exaggerating:D, but you never know. If anyone knows the reason why we are told not to do this please tell, thanks.


Same as some of the hospital equipment, just like the TV I told you about, they mess up electronic equipment.

Also like the egg, they might ignite the vapour, can’t be too careful.

And come to think of it, maybe you might not have to pay as much at the gas station, but be careful, it can work both ways and you might be paying more.:wink:

Seriously I haven’t seen those signs over here, but I’m thinking that it would mess up the sensitive electronic equipment.


Most likely an urban legand


(( Said with a THICK Thurston Howell the III’rd accent: ))

Well I don’t have to worry because of my incredibly thick skull!


I am 90% sure that Mythbusters took this one on, and busted it. If I had high speed internet, I’d dig around and see… oh well.


Hi Lexee, this sort of reminds me of my thread I had before Lent (and giving up CAF for 40 loooong days ;)). I thought you might be interested:


OK. You wanna-be urban-legend creators out there, here’s how to make a name for yourself:

Film this:

  1. Gather together 7 cellphones (it HAS to be seven, exactly)

  2. Arrange them in a circle pointing at an empty water glass

  3. Fill the water glass 1/7th full of a deuterium solution (look it up)

  4. Make an “entension cord” with TWO “plug” ends (two prongs on each end)

  5. Drop one end of the cord into the deuterium solution

  6. Call ALL SEVEN of the cellphones in the circle

  7. Plug the loose end of the cord into a wall socket.

  8. Then, clean up the mess. Calm the assembled “scientists” down, and post your little documentary on YouTube.

  9. Wait for your “Stupidest YouTude Experiment Involving Cellphones” Award to arrive in the mail!

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