Check this out - 3 NOOMA episodes

Check out these 3 “NOOMA” episodes by the author Rob Bell, if you haven’t seen them! (cf

Three series I’ve found on youtube:

1 - Rain

5 - Noise

6 - Kickball

They all (not only these 3) are really awesome…

(Rob Bell is an author, Christian speaker, and a Protestant pastor and also the featured speaker in the first series of spiritual short films called NOOMA)


Zemi, thank you for posting this. I watched them all, and I will watch them again.

I really enjoyed them all.

Wow!! Thanks Zemi, for posting that! It really was what I needed to hear at a time like this in my life (all 3 of them)!! Highly recommend watching them!:thumbsup:

I’m glad then, Mamacita and Hellisreal! :slight_smile: I always kind of stop and think when I see them… (there are 16 altogether but only those 3 on youtube)

Update on the Nooma videos availible on youtube. Not 3 but 5 episodes now.

Please, take a look at them for encouragement…

1 - Rain

2 - Fire

5 - Noise

6 - Kickball

10 - Lump

Maybe I set a bad title if this doesn’t attract people… :confused::slight_smile: But if somebody of you stumbles over this, take a look at one of them, hey are really a great spiritual encouragement!!!

Wow, I just watched the first one (rain) and I thought it was very good and generally nicely made. I will certainly watch the other ones once I have time! Thank you Zemi. :slight_smile:

I’m glad Gandalf :slight_smile: All of them are perfect :slight_smile:

We’ve actually been viewing these videos and reviewing the questions in our Sunday School class. They really are refreshing and lots of questions to inspire converation and discussion.

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