Check this Rosary out


I just put this together. It has all the mystries of the rosary with movie clips and so on that give a visual for a meditiation of the rosary. I have clips from the Passion of the Christ and other footages.

If there is any suggestions please let me know. I would appreciate it! Please let me know what you think!


Grrr, this darned firewall blocking here at work. I’ll check it out when I get home.:stuck_out_tongue:


I liked what I had time to look at. I would watch the rosary clips, even though my preference is to say a “quiet” rosary myself.
I didnt have time to watch the martial arts, but I am a tai chi person. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I am also a quite rosary kind of person, but I have started to watch each group of mysteries on the day it is called for, and then later or immediately after I will pray the rosary quitely and those clips are fresh in my mind and actually help maximize my meditation. I guess this could be considered a Rosary suppliment.

I also plan to start my 11 year old son who is autistic to watch them each day. His attention span is not designed to do a normal Rosary meditation but this should expose him to the Rosary in a way that will benefit him.


Very nice work … however, would this be violating copyright law?


No, I did not do any of the youtube, I linked what others have posted on youtube.


I especially liked the clips from Jesus of Nazareth.


Check out the Coronation at the bottom of the page of this link, someone did a marvelous job putting it together!

That song is beautiful!!!


amazing i love the clips i’ll be showing hubby later :thumbsup:


The link doesnt work anymore…


Not unusual…this is an eight-year-old thread. Maybe you could send a message to the OP, who is still active on these forums.


Same here.




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