Check this youtube video


I love it.

So, what do you guys think?

Am I on some kind of general ignore list? I don’t seem to be getting any responses to any of my posts. Is there something wrong with them?

I guess for me, it’s not WOW!
It’s cute and clever as are the others on the page, but I guess I’d be more impressed if they actually aired on national television hitting a broad audience.

Not much chance of that. The ACLU would block it before it got off the ground.


That was great, the others were awesome, too

That was great! He seems to have a lot of great videos on YT. I like this one, too:

Thank you, I liked it too. I really like the sprite spirit one.

Yup. Good one.

Ignatius, I can only speak for my self, but frankly, I’m a little scared to watch something online when there is no hint to what I will be watching. I’m sure you would not post anything icky, but I think it’s best to be cautious.

Music? Cartoon? Catholic issue? Figure skating (I hope)!? Another sport? Something funny? Something disturbing?

Perhaps you could give a little hint as to what we will be clicking onto? I think more people would be willing to check it out.


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