Checking in on Our Franciscan Fiat


It’s been a little while since I’ve sought feedback from readers of Our Franciscan Fiat.

I thought this would be a good time to do so again since I am not inspired to write anything (even after six days of retreat).

If you’d take a moment to share your thoughts and suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Also, I’ll put in a reminder here that you are welcome to share these posts with others and share your comments with me; it’s always fun to hear from you!

I have a handy-dandy form which I would encourage you to fill out for me.

Thanks and God bless you!


Maybe I’ wrong; I often am. I don’t see a retreat as a general time of inspiration, but rather as a short time of more reflections and meditations. Inspirations are grate if they occur, but most of us just muddle along and try to do a daily rest, and do the best we can. Peace.


The word was meant to be ‘reset’ not daily rest. My computer is old and often skipes letters.:eek:


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