Cheesefare Sunday

Happy Cheesefare (Gregorian calendar) to all of you! Hoping we all have a fruitful Great Lent!

And now I’m off to my annual Cheesefare fondue dinner :yum:


Happy Cheesefare!



And to you.


I can’t have Milk… :slightly_frowning_face:


Wish I was there cause I’d DEFINITELY go with you------CHEESE!!! Yummy!



A little late, but still kind of funny!


I can go without meat but cheese :weary::joy:



I’m not Eastern Catholic officially but I do attend a Ukrainian mission as an altar server and treasurer for our community.

We have a huge feast with lots of cheeses.

Tomorrow I have to help my wife with clean Monday and then I’ll start my official Lent on Ash Wednesday

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Is Cheesefare Sunday also when Forgiveness Vespers is held? I’m not Eastern Catholic or Orthodox, but I’ve always thought it is a lovely tradition.

Yes Forgiveness Vespers is held in the evening and that’s technically when Lent begins…although I opt to follow the midnight to midnight time lol

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We did Forgiveness Vespers yesterday. We asked for forgivness from each other after a bow, and each said: My God forgive you.

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We did the Forgiveness Service during Liturgy since our parish doesn’t have Lenten Vespers. However, we DO have Presanctified Liturgy. :heart:

This is the Feb. 23, 2014 issue of The Way, the official newspaper of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia:

I couldn’t figure out how to attach/upload it so I had to post it as a link.

It has the Forgiveness Service in it but you have to scroll to see it.

We actually have to wait until this coming Sunday to do it b/c our priest needed to leave right after Liturgy this past Sunday.

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Better late than never. :wink: Besides, it’s Cheesefare Sunday on the Julian calendar. (True trivia tidbit: There are some UGCC parishes that follow the Julian calendar!)


We have two UGCC parishes in my city. One is on Gregorian and the other is on Julian.

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I would venture to say that most UGCC parishes are Julian…it’s just here in the USA (and possibly Canada?) that the majority are on the Gregorian calendar. I think I know of only 1 parish in our Eparchy that is Julian (old Julian, not Revised).

IMHO the Calendar problem is a sore spot for me…Honestly why do they insist on clinging to a REALLY inaccurate calendar? (as opposed to the Gregorian which is only SLIGHTLY inaccurate! haha :slight_smile: :rofl: )


I’m in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia. Which Eparchy are you in? I forgot.

Are you in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia too? I think we have 1 parish that is on the Julian calendar.

I’m in the Eparchy of St. Nicholas in Chicago. Is that under the archeparchy or not?..I’m not sure of the hierarchy anymore lol!

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