Cheetos to Rival Peatos: Back Off




Sounds like Peatos guy infringed the copyright all over the place in order to get publicity for his snack, as he must have known Cheetos would send him a lawyer letter and it would make the news.


‘eetos’ foods will lose market share, just like big beer companies are losing shelf space to craft beers.


I’d try the Peatos if they were priced comparably to Cheetos and I didn’t have to drive to Whole Paycheck, I mean, Whole Foods, to buy them.


Close-circuit to “Newser Staff”: it’s trademark, not copyright.

Sorry, I work in legal news and it drives me crazy that these junky “news” sources don’t know the difference between basic legal terms :nauseated_face:




Peatos should rename their product.

Maybe, “Peas Noodles”




Maybe this topic could be moved to “Casual discussion”. Snack foods aren’t really “news”


I wonder if you could make the Kleenex argument, that the brand has become equivalent to the generic name.


I don’t consider every time Donald Trump raises his pinky finger to be “news” either, but if it has a news article attached, it’s “news” to me for purposes of this forum. If we start picking nits about what one person wants to read in the “news” section we’ll be here all day.

Also, I think business and product and lawsuit news is news. It’s not a thread about what snack we all ate for lunch.


His last post seemed to include a link to a coupon for peatos. I guess I read it incorrectly.


Unlikely to be a strong argument. They’d need to be able to present evidence to the court that Cheetos has become the widespread word for all cheese-flavored puffed cornmeal snacks with no distinction to the brand itself. I doubt there’s much evidence that consumers use the word that way.


Additionally, a cease-and-desist letter sent by Frito-Lay alleging infringement of the Cheetos brand has driven media attention and sales, according to the CEO


Is the MSM ganging up on Cheetos?



interesting that this product was invented way back in 1976, by their janitor. I don’t recall seeing it until recently.

I’m also thoroughly unimpressed with the doctor they quoted.

Dr. Friedman says that she isn’t sure what ingredients in these hot snacks cause the stomach issues, but feels that the spice is the likely culprit.

“I don’t know what the actual chemical component is that makes it hot, but I’m sure that if it’s burning in your mouth, it can burn other parts of your GI tract as well — there’s no reason to expect that it wouldn’t,” she says. “So it’s not surprising to me at all that the consumption of Hot Cheetos or Takis are indeed linked to stomachaches.”

Though it can aggitate existing stomach issues, is certainly doesn’t ‘burn’ your stomach.

Frito Lay needs to add some fiber to their product.


One day, a machine broke in the assembly line, causing some Cheetos to not get dusted with the bright orange cheese powder, so Richard took some home and put chili powder on them. He created his own recipe for a spicier version of Cheetos that was inspired by a Mexican street snack called elote (corncob).

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