Chelsea Clinton’s already gearing up for White House bid


**One Clinton at a time, please.

The private invite to Chelsea Clinton’s Wednesday night fund-raiser, to be held at a swanky Upper East Side residence, reads that it’s in support of her mother’s 2016 presidential bid. But some of the big spenders plunking down the big bucks to attend say Chelsea’s future in politics has been the talk of her campaign rallies.

“You’re seeing the beginning of Chelsea Clinton preparing to run,” says a donor who attended Chelsea’s rally at Dr. Paul Boskind’s Midtown home last week, where “limited availability guest” entry started at $250 and $2,700 “champion” tickets included a photo with Chelsea. Our insider says: “A dynasty is on the way.”**

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It’s bad enough to count your chickens before they hatch – but it’s even worse when Mama is busy laying her own egg.


:rotfl:Excellent metaphor.


what experience does Chelsea have to offer?


Why on earth would anyone vote for Chelsea Clinton? In her time on earth, she has not accomplished anything other than getting married and having a baby. I guess that means that every woman with a larger family is more qualified than her.


well I think she did graduate from college and might have gotten a Master’s degree to her credit. My memory is foggy. But I agree, are we supposed to vote for her simply because she is Bill and Hillary’s daughter? I hope she will be satisfied being a wife and mother and perhaps working behind the scenes in some capacity. I suppose she could start her political career running for some kind of office in New York, but I hope she doesn’t aim for the White House.


She worked for a consulting firm (McKinsey) with ample time off to help her mother run for political office. I think you’ll see her run for a safe office in the NY Assembly or Congress in two years. If her mother is president, I’m sure enough political bosses will want to curry favor by setting her up in politics.


So we’ve had Bush I & II (now the establishment is pushing Bush III)

Clinton I (and now, God forbid, Clinton II) And there’s already talk of a Clinton III?

This is ridiculous


She lived in the white house


We’re starting to get dynasties.


Yes, and it’s troubling.


Always had them (John Quincy Adams was the son of John Adams). Though it is rare for more than 3 generations to be able to stay on the public stage and in many cases, some 2nd and 3rd generation politicians are fine public servants.


Perhaps, but I think John Quincy Adams’ pre-presidential background, not to mention his education and intelligence, was greater than Chelsea’s.

From wiki:

Much of Adams’ youth was spent accompanying his father overseas. John Adams served as an American envoy to France from 1778 until 1779 and to the Netherlands from 1780 until 1782, and the younger Adams accompanied his father on these diplomatic missions. Adams acquired an education at institutions such as Leiden University. He matriculated in Leiden January 10, 1781. For nearly three years, beginning at the age of 14, he accompanied Francis Dana as a secretary on a mission to Saint Petersburg, Russia, to obtain recognition of the new United States. He spent time in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark and, in 1804, published a travel report of Silesia.During these years overseas, Adams became fluent in French and Dutch and became familiar with German and other European languages. Adams, mainly through the influence of his father, had also excelled in classical studies and reached high fluency of Latin and Greek. Upon entering Harvard he had already translated Virgil, Horace, Plutarch, and Aristotle and within six months memorized his Greek grammar and translated the New Testament. He entered Harvard College and was graduated in 1787 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Phi Beta Kappa… He later earned an M.A. from Harvard in 1790. He apprenticed as an attorney with Theophilus Parsons in Newburyport, Massachusetts, from 1787 to 1789. He gained admittance to the bar in 1791 and began practicing law in Boston.

Adams first won national recognition when he published a series of widely read articles supporting Washington’s decision to keep America out of the growing hostilities surrounding the French Revolution. Soon after, George Washington appointed Adams minister to the Netherlands (at the age of 26) in 1793. He did not want the position, preferring to maintain his quiet life of reading in Massachusetts, and probably would have rejected it if his father had not persuaded him to take it. On his way to the Netherlands, he was to deliver a set of documents to John Jay, who was negotiating the Jay Treaty. After spending some time with Jay, Adams wrote home to his father, in support of the emerging treaty because he thought America should stay out of European affairs. Historian Paul Nagel has noted that this letter reached Washington, and that parts of it were used by Washington when drafting his farewell address.

While going back and forth between The Hague and London, he met and proposed to his future wife, Louisa Catherine Johnson. Though he wanted to return to private life at the end of his appointment, Washington appointed him minister to Portugal in 1796, where he was soon appointed to the Berlin Legation. Though his talents were far greater than his desire to serve, he was finally convinced to remain in public service when he learned how highly Washington thought of his abilities.

Washington called Adams “the most valuable of America’s officials abroad,” and Nagel believes that it was at this time that Adams first came to terms with a lifetime of public service.

He became a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1797. When the elder Adams became president, he appointed his son in 1797 as Minister to Prussia at Washington’s urging. There Adams signed the renewal of the very liberal Prussian-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce after negotiations with Prussian Foreign Minister Count Karl-Wilhelm Finck von Finckenstein. He served at that post until 1801.


On his return to the United States, Adams was appointed a Commissioner of Monetary Affairs in Boston by a Federal District Judge; however, Thomas Jefferson rescinded this appointment. He again tried his hand as an attorney, but shortly afterward entered politics. John Quincy Adams was elected a member of the Massachusetts State Senate in April 1802. In November 1802 he ran as a Federalist for the United States House of Representatives and lost.

The Massachusetts General Court elected Adams as a Federalist to the U.S. Senate soon after, and he served from March 4, 1803, until 1808, when he broke with the Federalist Party. …On June 8, Adams broke with the Federalists, resigned his Senate seat, and became a Republican.

While a member of the Senate, Adams also served as a professor of logic at Brown University.

President James Madison appointed Adams as the first ever United States Minister to Russia in 1809…Adams served as Secretary of State in the Cabinet of President James Monroe from 1817 until 1825. As Secretary of State, he negotiated the Adams–Onís Treaty (which acquired Florida for the United States), the Treaty of 1818, and wrote the Monroe Doctrine. Many historians regard him as one of the greatest Secretaries of State in American history.

With the ongoing Oregon boundary dispute, Adams sought to negotiate a settlement with England to decide the border between the western United States and Canada. This would become the Treaty of 1818. Along with the Rush–Bagot Treaty of 1817, this marked the beginning of improved relations between the British Empire and its former colonies, and paved the way for better relations between the U.S. and Canada.

By the time Monroe became president, several European powers, in particular Spain, were attempting to re-establish control over South America.On Independence Day 1821, in response to those who advocated American support for independence movements in many South American countries, Adams gave a speech in which he said that American policy was moral support for independence movements but not armed intervention. Adams foresaw what would befall the United States if it sacrificed its republican spirit on the altar of empire. He stated that America “goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy” lest she “involve herself beyond power of extrication, in all wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force.” The United States, Adams warned, might "become the dictatress of the world [but] she would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit."From this, Adams authored what came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine, which was introduced on December 2, 1823… It became a defining moment in the foreign policy of the United States and one of its longest-standing tenets, and would be invoked by many U.S. statesmen and several U.S. presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and others.

(On the other hand, Chelsea did appear in a fashion layout in Vogue magazine…)


However, Abigail Adams, wife of John and mother of John Quincy, never tried to run for president (well, women didn’t have the right to vote at that time)


Heard at last night’s debate: “no more public housing for the Clintons”! :thumbsup:

(Unless its a jail cell.)


that seems to be enough experience required for some voters these days! :rolleyes:


that is a good one!


Can’t the Dems find a woman for the ticket that isn’t the wife (or daughter) of a former president.


Yes, there is no doubt that John Quincy Adams was especially capable. I believe that President Washington told incoming President Adams to not hold back John Quincy Adams because it will look like favoritism. Washington knew that John Quincy Adams was a special man and he was right.

(On the other hand, Chelsea did appear in a fashion layout in Vogue magazine…)

I was surprised to learn she is 35. I am sure she will try to kick off a political career after this year. I don’t think we know what she is capable of. We’ll see. It’s interesting, but I found that the Taft family is 4 generations deep in politics. William Howard Taft was President, but his son and grandsons were senators from Ohio and his great grandson was governor.

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